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How do you play Lee Sin in 3's?

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I just unlocked this dude. I'm not as effective with him as I am with Caitlyn.

So how do you play him in 3's?

Solo top? Jungle?

Any tips for early laning/last hitting with out getting auto attacked to death?

please help a lee sin newb like myself.

I know he has potential I just can't seem to get the hang of him.

I find it's easier to lane with a melee like Wukong because of his clone.

Any tips and tricks are appreciated.


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Do you smartcast? You should be able to dash in and out from lvl 2 thanks to Q and W. If done right, you could end up Qing in on the enemies and W out to your own minions before even getting targeted. That should help you with early last hitting and laning.

As for where to play him, he could be in a duo lane, solo lane or in the jungle. I wouldn't recommend putting him in a 1 v 2 though.

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Jungle, go bottom left, top left and then Q through dragon for firstblood. Q+E+CC from your top lane should be easy firstblood. If not they will bust all their summoners spells and escape. > proceed to repeat gank and kill them

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Bellum Aeternus

Junior Member


ah. The nightmare of learning Lee Sin.

Level your q first and go aggro. As long as you aren't laning against say tyrn you should be fine(crit for 150 at lvl 1 -.-)

proper harass is Q-2atk-Q-2atk-e-2atk-e-2atk-w

shorter is q-q-w, for when you don't want retaliation.

Hope it helps.

edit: the first combo listed is more what you should use for combat, so i guess harass isn't the right term. also, i play him solo top, but i think he can work basically anywhere.

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Don't spam his moves.

This is the mark of a distinguished Lee Sin player or someone who normally uses an AP caster like Annie or something.

Yes you do have a wide arrange of moves to use but it is better to space them out and let your passive to go through.

Here's some basics of fighting with Lee Sin (Note that I normally jungle with him so this might seem a bit harder at first seeing as my q either make/breaks fights.

- lvl q 1st. This is the bread and butter of Lee Sin. Your initiator, your finisher, your nuke, your mark of competence.
- If there is an MIA always save your W to escape just incase they try to gank you. I've seen quite a few Lee's jumpkick, E x2 and use the 1st w only to get ganked the moment his escape move is on CD.
- your q can check for dragon if your in top. Just hit it from the lane periodically if you think they are attempting to do it.
-Q,Q,E,E is an acceptable combo seeing as it's your gapcloser and slow. Save your W if you have a guaranteed kill, use it if they fight back (space the two AA's with W though).
-Your ulti is 10x easier to make full use of in these closequarter spaces. Knock them back to your towers, fountains, away from their towers. Always line it up to hit their enemy teammates also. The damage potential from it is ridiculous.
-Pubstomp combo (nearby) - Q,E,R,Q - if they are still alive for some reason use E again.