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Extensive Domion Tier list

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A tier list is not a guide to go by, playing champ in tier 1 does not mean you will rock it out and win for your team, so play what you know and enjoy, if you are learning a new champion do not let a tier list be the big deciding factor. I have seen guys foam at that mouth that Jax was not banned and begin to talk big only to be an utter fail due to lack of knowledge. I have also seem champions who do not perform as well as other but because the player has mastered them they did an amazing job.

Tier lists are also ever changing with the meta, as new patches come, new trends pick up and so on so do the power level of champions. Also keep in mind that if Shaco is tier one that does not mean you need to begin a nerf crusade against him, even if nerfed there will simply be a new champ who eventually takes his place in tier as the game changes. Balance is a pipe dream that can never truly be achieved but striving for balance however is the proper way to go about things.

Many of the champions in Tier 3 and 4 are hard for me to place and I imagine with more time they may shift around a bit and any input you may have on them is welcome. I feel good about Tier 1 and 2, those were far easier to do.

Tier 5 I feel is fairly accurate but was hard to do just because I don't want to be the bad guy putting someone favorite champion in tier 5 >

((((((((Champions in question currently:
Kat and Lee going full time tier 2 or not
Annie going tier 3?
Nunu tier 3?
Orianna I need to see her more people! Get more an idea for her place.
Renekton tier 3 even with his glaring flaws?
Anivia-Shen-Soraka could be tier 4 possibly))))))

TDLR: Short version of tier list for those who are unable to read details. Not in any order within tiers.

Tier 1: Akali, Rammus, Jax, Gangplank, Shaco, Poppy

Tier2: Alistar, Blitzcrank, Fiddlesticks, Graves, Heimerdinger, Irelia, Karthus, Kassadin, Kayle, Kog'maw, Lux, Leblanc, Malzahar, Nocturne, Pantheon, Riven, Ryze, Singed, Sion, Talon, Teemo, Udyr, Vayne, Wukong, Yorick, Zilean.

=====Tier 2 / 3 swing: Katarina and Lee Sin. Right conditions very high tier 2 otherwise high tier 3 or possibly lower tier 2======

Tier 3: Amumu, Ashe, Caitlyn, Casiopeia, Evelynn, Ezreal, Garen, Jarvan, Kennen, Leona, Malphite, Maokai, Master Yi, Miss Fortune, Morgana, Nasus, Nidalee, Rumble, Sona, Swain, Tristana, Trundle, Tryndamere, Veigar, Urgot, Xerath, Xin Xhao.

Tier 4: Annie, Brand, Janna, Nunu, Olaf, Orianna, Renekton, Skarner, Taric, Twisted Fate, Twitch, Vladamir, Warwick.

Tier 5: Anivia, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Galio, Mordekaiser, Shen, Sivir, Soraka.

Unlisted due to lack of xp with them: Gragas, Corki, Karma,

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Tier 1: Tier one champions are who I feel stand above the rest. This does not mean they are OP or broken but simply fill their role or a role on Dominion to the fullest extent while also being more difficult to counter and play against.

Akali - Akali is one of the few tier 1 champions I would consider borderline OP for Dom. She has counters but those counters are not vastly effective. Her massive burst, sticking potential, escape and stat buffs from smoke cloud make her very problematic.

Rammus - He brings everything you could want in one package deal. He has insane mobility, he has ways to shut down Auto Attackers, He has ways to shut down ability users, he can defend points as well as ninja cap points. His damage is not bad by any means and brings a lot of control to any battle. The thing is to counter Rammus is no easy task where as him countering you is a natural part of his many different builds.

Jax - Jax on Dominion is a very different beast then Jax on SR, he is far more effective here due to small skirmishes, faster gold gains and making use of the passive Dominion buffs. Jax DOES have counters and he is manageable but the extra effort required and combined that even if you build or pick to counter him he is still a huge threat places Jax in Tier 1. Hybrid Damage, Massive Health, Mass Stuns, Mobility, he is a terror.

Gangplank - I would not say GP is as big a threat as some of the other Tier 1 champions but he still belongs here. His global ultimate does very respectable damage and can be used both offensively and defensively giving your team many advantages when it comes to defending or taking a point. Combine that with a champion who is capable of massive burst damage, self heal and cleanse, huge MS buff, AD buff and is rather durable to boot and you have a very flexible champion who is capable at any role at any stage of the game and once 6 brings global team presence.

Shaco - Shaco has very viable counters however even if you were to go out of you way for those counters (and your team as you do not all roam together) Shaco still can easily control the jungle, speed boosts, Shield Buff and all health points. Shaco makes for a very strong defender, a strong ninja capper and roamer. He brings tons of map control wether he is there or not.

Poppy - She was made for Dominion as it takes any short comings she had on SR and throws them away and amplifies her greater strengths. With the massive gold gain she can build quickly, with all the walls she can easily wall slam, the smaller map only makes her huge MS boost that much greater and her burst is just massive, combined with her ult she can easily ult people on their point, burst them down and take down another person. Her ability to simply bully people and take what she wants is very powerful.

Tier 2: Tier 2 champions are not so much weaker then Tier 1 but have more ways to counter or are simply easier to manage and possibly have more weaknesses.

Alistar - Alistar brings a whole lot of disruption which can make taking points or defending them far easier. Combined with his built in tankyness he becomes a huge team player. He is also build flexible in that if your needing more of a damage sponge he can do that but if your needing more damage he can go AP and still be an effective disruptor at the same time.

Blitzcrank - Blittz brings a lot, his grab is a defensive tool to pull would be cappers onto the turret for a quick one - two combo or as a way to help pull defenders into your allied horde to begin the process of taking over a point. He has a AoE silence, respectable damage, CC, MS boost, very durable and more so with mana shield. Very flexible champion.

Fiddlesticks - A good fiddlesticks can be totally dominate on Dominion thanks to his ult. There are many bushes and many areas he can easily come out of nowhere from and decimate his enemies. Countless times I have seen a Fiddle ult onto a point to pick up a quadra kill. His ability to hide in brush as cappers come and them SURPRISE and destroy them or when your team is fighting for a cap and he SURPRISE and completely turns the fight into your teams favor is very very powerful. All of that and he also brings mass CC, sustain making him very deadly and flexible.

Graves - He is new but having played him a lot I feel good about putting him in tier 2. He brings heavy burst with a lot of utility and his natural durability allows to him to keep in a fight. He also starts off very strong and only continues to get stronger as the game progresses. As a defender he is decent, smoke bomb and dash allow you control on point combined with his heavy close range damage from Q and durability he can hold well. As an assaulter he also works very well for many of the same reasons.

Heimerdinger - One of the best point defenders in the game hands down, but limited to tier 2 because he is overly specialized to one given role and is still very prone to many counters. Yes Heimer can roam and also play the role of a capper and he is fairly good at it but as a defender and pusher he is far more powerful and always welcome to have.

Irelia - Great on SR and nothing has changed with Dominion. Her early game is a bit weaker then others which helps to keep her in check honestly but once she gets going she is just out right brutal. Her build flexibility allows her to easily counter build against anyone and still be a powerhouse. Solid damage, mobility, defense, CC, all around great package and can also work well to counter other top pick champions.

Karthus - Mass AoE damage.....CC.......Global ult that can kill and stop enemy caps.....MORE damage that can totally stop a point cap even after you die....yes yes and yes. Grab a tear at game start and max it out while waiting for the gates to open for even more fun. Very good mage on Dominion who can really control points and lay down heavy AoE damage.

Kassadin - Kass like most assassins does well on Dominion and also can counter many top pick champions. While not the best defender he makes for a great roamer, his ability to flash constantly around the map, slow, silence and do MASSIVE burst make him a huge threat. He hurts a bit early but this helps balance him out I feel.

Kayle - Kayle is a neat champion, I see many play her horribly but a good Kayle is a true force on the battlefield. She brings capable support with very strong hybrid damage and her ult can be totally game winning. She may not truly shine in any given area but covers enough along with her ult to be a very strong pick and team player.

Kog'Maw - You know how on SR once Kog gets his core items he melts champions like a hot knife through butter? How it almost seems to easy, treating you like some simple caster minion? Well with the gold and xp gains Kog reaches that point very quickly. Also with how popular more tanky champs are this only makes Kog even more hungry as he shreds them to pieces not really caring how beefy they build. When you take his MASSIVE damage, his AMAZING poke ability and how hard he counters many popular picks you have one of the best ranged carries for Dom. Oh and he is harder to build against thanks to his hybrid damage and he is flexible being able to build AD - AS/on Hit or AP.

LeBlanc - Forget all her short comings on SR, they do not apply here. On Dominion many of the fights are small skirmishes or even 1v1 fights. LB excels because of this. Her burst is nothing short of amazing, and while she may run out of steam afterwards that is OK on Dominion, her job is normally done. She also brings strong CC and self defenses making her a very strong roamer and capper.

Lux - Global ulti with short cool down, pretty good damage and mass control makes her very nice to have. She is capable of being a strong defender, pusher, capper. Since many people have gone dumb and feel they do not need to build Merc Treads or any form of tenacity this only makes Lux smile even more radiant as she procedds to demolish your team.

Malzahar - I was a bit torn between tier 2 and 3 for him and to be honest I see him rarely. However when I have seen him he has been a Boss defender. Mass AoE, utility, minions, suppression. He has all the tools needed to hold a point and push others. Very underrated I feel by the stigma of mages = bad on Dom, but once people catch on I expect to see some tears shed of Malzahars giving people nightmares.

Nocturne - Noct is still an AD powerhouse who has some of the highest early game damage while scaling hard into late game. He has flexible build options between going glass cannon or tanky dps and is still highly effective either way he goes. Spell shield allows him to be a very strong capper and roamer, his fear lets him beat people like Jax in a 1v1 and bully people off points. He also sustains well and brings a albeit shorter range Global ult. All in all he has everything you would want from a AD assassin.

Pantheon - I feel Panth deserves tier 2 but I also feel he is over rated. Pantheon brings very powerful early game damage. This damage combined with his ult and durability allows him to give your team an edge early through mid game which may be enough to secure victory. His main short comings is the fact that he simply does not scale as hard as others and becomes far less a threat the longer the game goes on. This is why he is kept in tier 2 and what keeps him balanced.

Riven - Underestimated and misunderstood is the story of Riven and yet when played properly she is a wrecking ball of destruction on Dominion. She takes a bit longer to hit her stride but once she does she can handle 2v1, heck even 3v1 against less skilled opponents. She is very durable, very mobile, and with her ult (which has a short CD), her damage is nothing short of amazing. I find she works best as a capper and pusher and excels in that role.

Ryze - He is a tanky, bursty mage with strong control and sustain. What is not to love? In a mode of small fights Ryze reigns as a top dog being able to duel many people and wreck havok in small scale battles. Not the best defender but a strong roamer and capper.

Singed - Singed is very flexible in that he can defend very well thanks to his durability, fling and poison but also works well as a roamer and capper for the same reasons not to mention he is very fast. What makes Singed work on SR translates over to Dom. Very flexible champion.

Sion - I see Sion banned a lot and for good reason, however he is not Tier 1 worthy mainly due to him having very easy counters and taking a bit to really hit his stride. Once Sion does get built up he can decimate entire teams thanks to his just insane life steal. Given his durability and massive damage he is capable of filling any role asked of him. Thankfully he is hit hard by ignite and easy to kite and shut down with CC, if not for that he would be Tier 1 and broken.

Talon - Talon is solid in every way for an assassin, providing high burst damage, a silence and some escape ability. I would say he is very high on ther Tier two list but is not quite tier 1. His ability to roam is very strong and his ability to jump on someone, silence, slow and ult helps secure points from enemies very quickly.

Teemo - There is a lot of debate about our fuzzy yordle. Some hate him and others think he is amazing. The thing with Teemo is that he really is a all or nothing champion. Either you know how to shroom like a champ and control space or you don't and become a lackluster pick. A teemo who knows his stuff offers IMMESNE map control, solid damage and trickery with his sort of stealth. His blind also helps counter many popular picks for Dominion. Solid Tier 2 as long as you know your main role is map control.

Udyr - Udyr is tier two thanks to his being so darned flexible. He is quick, provides stuns, sustain, AoE. He is a great duelist and skirmisher which means he roams very well and can also cap very well. All in all a solid package that can bend to whatever your team needs from him.

Vayne - Vayne is amazing, strong control thanks the bounty of walls, mini stealth, large MS boost when chasing, eats up all the tanky types people enjoy playing on Dom, heavy damage. One of the best ranged AD on Dominion hands down. Not the best defender but decent roamer and strong capper.

Yorick - He contests the crown for best bot defender and pusher with Heimer. He is another amazing defender who is limited mainly because while he defends like a boss he falls short in other areas. A safe bet to have on the team always.

Wukong - The monkey may be overlooked on SR but he really comes into his own with Dominion. He makes for a strong defender with ability to juke and bait abilities, excellent roamer and strong capper thanks to his ult. His armor shred is very nice counter to many champs on Dom and ability close gaps, hitting 3 targets on the small scale and tight spaces od Dom is win. He is the perfect tanky DPS for Dominion and a real problem for many players who face off against a good one.

Zilean - Zil is not a champ I see often and it baffles me as to why. When I see Zil (a good amd smart zil who is not some greedy ******* who becomes dead weight) they are fantastic. His bombs offer major harass for capping points, his ult can make bum rushing a point and just strong arming the enemy a breeze and can make for some fun defensive plays as well. Chalk full of utility, game winner of an ult and decent harass, he is solid pick most of the time.

Tier 3: Tier 3 champions are still very effective and good picks or counter picks to many of the tier 1 and 2 champions. The reason these champions are placed slightly lower may be due to easier counters in the form of items or other champions or they may not fill a role as well as some others do. However playing them will not hurt your or your team at all as they are still perfectly viable and strong.

====Katarina & Lee Sin: These champs are swing champs in that they can be very strong top tier 2 picks of slide into top tier 3 picks. What I mean is they are conditional. Enemy team lacking CC / Disruption? Then Kat becomes god mode and top tier two champion, if they have multiple ways to stop her ult however then she becomes far less effective.

The same is true of Lee Sin but in a different manner. Lee Sin is always good and in fact he may deserve to always be tier 2. That said, when the enemy team is stacking up all that yummy AD attackers, Lee Sin becomes a ULTRA strong counter pick who will simply shut people down and allows your team to stomp their way to victory.============

Amumu - A king among Kings on SR he falls from grace a bit with Dominion. Lack of jungling, people itemizing quickly and being hindered by long CD on his ult all play their part in lowering him down to tier 3. He is still very powerful and hard to deal with but can be countered and has inherit flaws.

Ashe - Another top dog on SR but finding herself in tier 3 with Dom. She is still a solid pick here but many of her greater assets are simply diminished with Dominion and so she falls behind the likes of Vayne / Kog / Graves as a superior ranged champion pick. Her saving grace is that her ult is still very powerful.

Caitlyn - Her superior ranged and lane dominance does not transition as strongly into Dominion, coupled with less damage output then other ranged carries and she falls behind if only slightly. A smart Cait will realize that her traps are of utmost value on Dominion and use them to help control key points. Still a good pick overall.

Cassiopeia - Cass is a rare beast no matter what map your playing but that does not mean she is bad at all. As a defender and pusher she is beastly, her harass for capping points is also very strong. She falls apart a bit as a roamer and duelist however which hurts her overall.

Evelynn - A very popular Dominion pick and I feel highly over rated. In fact stealth as a whole is over rated and gotten to the point that I personally dislike having true stealth champions on my team. Eve is a decent ninja capper and this is what many of them do entire games, how this translates into being meaningful and helping you truly secure victory is another matter and open to much debate. I sound negative and one would wonder why put her in tier 3, well as a ninja capper she has uses, she also provides map control and a surprise factor by assisting from the shadows and turning fights into your favor. As a fighter she is decent and if fed can put out some scary numbers. So tier 3 works for her imo.

Ezreal - Ez has insane mobility that works for escape and chasing, this also makes him a very strong poker but I feel he does not fit into a given role well enough or cover enough roles well enough to warrant being higher that tier 3. He iis not a great defender or roamer and is decent at capping. His pokes though are not to be underestimated and with some support he can really create some chaos. Also a master baiter for foolish enemies.

Garen - I feel many will disagree with Garen at tier 3 and want him in tier 2 but when he is placed there you have to consider other champions he is being compared to. Garen does not bring the threat level of a Irelia or Wukong. Early game he is VERY strong but I find that while he can be built multiple ways he suffers in another unlike Irelia who really suffers not at all and scales hard. So really it is his scaling issues that hold him back.

Jarvan - He is a solid pick if your needing some meat on the team but I find other champions can also bring the beef and a side dish to boot. His ult has many strong uses here however and keeps him strongly in tier 3.

Kennen - AOE MONSTER! A good Kennen is a scary Kennen. He is flexible as both a defender and capper though due to some cool down issues I feel works better at capping as he really needs that ultimate to shine, without it he falls behind. Limited by cool downs is what keeps him from going up a bit in the tiers.

Leona - She masterfully sets up kills for your allies. A good Leona will bully her way into the enemy team, disrupt them and leave the door open for you to go in there and mop up. The only thing that holds her back from going higher is that aside from setting em up so you can knock em down she does little else. Still very nice to have on the right team and a strong counter to many.

Malphite - Malphite is a counter pick champion, that simple. Against a heavy AD team you roll Malphite and become a MVP for your team. He has good utility, decent damage and as said hard counters many top pick champions.

MaoKai - I had thought to put him in Tier 2 but when weighing him against others who fill his role I found a high tier 3 placement better suited the tree. Mao is flexible in that you can go tank tree or AP bruiser tree and both are very awesome. He is a great defender and pusher for bot offering heavy harass, durability, sustain. As a roamer he is not so great and as a capper is fairly decent. Solid pick however and a lot of fun here!

Master Yi - Ahhh Yi...everyones favorite noob trap of a champion. He can do well here but really it is the same ol same ol for YI. MEGA damage, just flat out amazing....but in a wet noodle frame that go splat if you so much as furrow a brow at him. Outside of damage he just does not bring enough utility or defensives to make him a reliable pick. That said under the right conditions by a very skilled Yi player he can do very well and is a blast to play.

Miss Fortune - Solid pick all around, can disrupt turret caps easily, her ult is useful for a strong push or last line of defense and her move speed is fantastic. Honestly she is a solid pick, nothing horribly negative to say except that I find other ranged champions simply outclass her enough for her to be in tier 3.

Morgana - Mass utility and control, fairly good damage as well. She is a strong pick for a tier 3 and I debated putting her in tier 2 but I find her cool downs and just overall kit is a bit lacking for Dominion when compared to say Lux or something. Still not a bad choice and a very strong counter pick champion!

Nasus - Highly debated champion and it took me a lot of games to really get a feel for him on Dominion. I have found him to still be a strong pick if not a bit shadowed by others. His lack of "Q" farming hurts but is made up by his other abilities. His slow is still amazing and his ult still allows him god mode for a brief peroid of time. He make for a strong defender and where I like him best but can also work as a capper as well.

Nidalee - Ok so people will cry foul over putting her in tier 3. I admit that her spear toss HURTS, like a whole whole whole lot! She is also fast, hard to catch and hard to escape from. However, if you miss that spear then what...her traps are limited compared to other champs similar abilities. Her heal is nice but not something I would solely be wanting her for and cat for is good damage but still a huge risk and most champions can still take her down when she is in cat form, try to fight say...Noct in cat form...he will demolish you. I think a pro Nid player can make her a tier 2 pick and I may even move her there, still debating but for now I feel tier 3 works, high tier 3. She has a ton of utility, massive burst, reliable DPS, some map control and speed. Complete package.

Rumble - Very reliable pick and I dunno why I never see the guy. He is a top tier 3 for sure providing very strong damage, AoE, slows, FAR ranged fight winning ult, super beefy and fairly quick. Just a great pick who can fit into many team comps. Needs to be used more.

Sona - While supports hurt more then most on Dominion, Sona is still a good pick. Her damage is solid early and even up through mid game, her ult can really be a deciding factor in team fights, combined with her support and utility I find Sona a solid Tier 3 champ.

Swain - Very rare bird! His control is stellar, his entire kit begs to be put on bot and hold a point forever. Having trouble pushing top? Swain can swoop in to assist in a mighty push to secure your team the point.

Tristana - Not much to say that has not been said before. She is a good pick, solid damage, solid range, good utility just a bit outdone by some others ...BUT...not by much as I have seen some epic Trists so far.

Trundle - Hard counters many popular picks, the smaller spaces of the map really show just how strong that pillar can be. Tempted to put him in tier 2 but for now tier 3 it is, could change though as he is a brutally effective tanky DPS who counters many champions seen often on Dominion.

Tryndamere - *crickets* how could I place a popular pick and even sometimes banned champ in tier 3?!? Well his early game lacks and by time he gets built up into that scary monster Tryn can be.....no one cares. What I mean is when Tryn has his ult up he is AMAING, when his ult is down he is easily dealt with and destroyed. On SR fights do not happen often enough for this to be an issue, Dominion you fight and you fight and then you fight some more which means Tryn fights with no ult often times. Tryn is easily kited, CC hits him hard, ignite and exhaust hit him hard and to top it all off Rage generation is no easy feat on Dominion, hitting him even more. Good champ, can be terrifying but also easily countered and hit by dominion mechanics.

Urgot - Urgot makes for a good defender and capper and his early game power is very good but he also begins to fall behind rather quickly. He could very easily slide into tier 3 once I get better understanding of him but I have seen him enough to feel OK with him in tier 4, high tier 4. His ult, his range, his beef really help him as a defender and capper, his early game damage is no joke.

Veigar - In the same boat as Nasus but also like Nasus has other skills that help give him a home in tier 3. Veigar is still a boss defender, he still brings ample control and damage and can still full to zero kill someone. All in all he has a place on Dominion, haters gonna hte but Veigar is still a tiny master of evil even here.

Xerath - Newish champ, big ol range, looks and sounds really cool. Xerath is flexible though most enjoy going Bot Defense. I feel he can fill many roles here and fill them well but is a bit outclassed is all. Still solid pick for the team.

Xin Xhao - Nearly tier 2 but I find he becomes nearly forgettable as the game drags on. Early game he is a beast much like Pantheon but to a lesser extent and no global ult. As people get items Xin becomes easier to manage until he becomes more of an afterthought. If he scaled better he would make tier 2 but lacking that I feel tier 3 is better suited for him.

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Tier 4: Tier 4 champions have more counters or weaknesses that pertain to Dominion. They may be to focused or unfocused at any given role and often times below those who fill a similar role as them.

Annie - Annie, the poster child for SR still finds herself making people smell like burning here on Dominion. However gone is her dominance of mid lane, the impending level BOOM death by Tibbers and the roaming into sidelines to instal gib your enemies. On dominion Annie is hit by a few thins, her cool downs, positional nuke, not the greatest roamer, can have trouble as a defender which means she really works best as a capper but this too is limited because you really want to cap when your ult is and when it is, wow very effective! She is still deadly, she is still fun to play and still a good pick but has some flaws that hold her back on Dominion. She could worm her way into tier 3 but I feel better with her in tier 4 for the time being.

Brand - Brand suffers from longer cool downs syndrome and being a mage which means he can just fill in the gaps with awesome auto attacks. His damage is still brutal, his AoE still sets people ablaze but beyond that....much like Annie is Brand, in fact nothing more say other then see: Annie and you know Brand.

Janna - I have seen her built tanky, support, AD, AS, AP....really I have seen people try a plethora of builds to make her work and it always comes up short. Supports as a whole took a hit on Dominion but many still make it work such as Sona who is still very strong. Janna however just does not cut it all that often, her healing is nerfed, the shield is nice but not worth a player slot, tornados are decent. I know many may not agree but I had to debate tier 5 and 4 for her but in the end took the safe bet and put her in tier 4 because she still does offer enough and can build many ways to be of use.

Nunu - Nunu is borderline between tier 3 and 4. I have seen some amazing Nunu players who defending would have made Yorick proud. He has sustain, amazing buff, slows and a mega ult. His problems are that if his ult is shut down he simply brings to little to the table to be place much higher. Still a solid pick and under the right circumstances can be very powerful.

Olaf - Another borderline tier 3/4 champion. His damage is sick but he is so easily countered and aside from his damage brings nothing to his team where as other mega hitters have other qualities that places them higher then Olaf.

Orianna - Big Ori fan here, she was so new and refreshing! The nerfs hit her a bit to hard and on Dominion I have yet to see one that really impressed me at all. All around she is a solid AP pick but I feel lacks anything substantial enough to really place her above others. I can see her going tier 3 possibly but right now I have yet to see enough evidence of her warranting that spot.

Renekton - He was my first for Dominion. I had thought he was be a gator god of death but quickly learned otherwise. He starts off strong but falls off very quickly as people build up their items, combined with how hard he is hit by lack of reliable rage generation and he got himself in tier 4. He still brings reliable CC, durability, amazing ult and AoE, and so is not a bad pick by any means and still very viable, he jus thas two major problems that hold him back.

Skarner - Hugely popular pick, I see him all the time. This has also lead me to feel confident in placing in tier 4. He is durable, he can do some damage and his ult can be very good if used properly but outside of that I just can not find anything super amazing about him and he becomes rather forgetable at the game goes on.

Taric - All around a solid pick, not amazing here, not bad. Loses much of appeal that SR gives him but still a safe bet of a champ and his hair is truly outrageous.

Twisted Fate - Gone are the glory days of perma banned OP TF on SR and now with Graves coming for his head, poor ol TF seems to be in a bad spot. His global ult is handy but outside of that he struggles a bit on Dominion, squishy, mediocre damage, he can not be a reliable defender or roamer and makes only a decent capper.

Twitch - Considered a strong pick and yet here he is in tier 4. Overrated by a long shot imo. He brings little fight presence as he is still inta blown up by anyone, he can ninja cap but can not hold anything and often times I find him frustrating as he simply stealths about not really contributing much of anything except some weak ninja caps or popping out to KS his team mates and then bailing at the first sign of danger. Still he is tier 4 because a good twitch has his uses I just find them not as worthwhile.

Vladamir - Vlad has been bled dry by the nerf bat and it shows. His saving grace is that his blood pool is still very handy and has many uses on Dominion along with his ultimate securing him a spot in tier 4 but outside of that....not much else to make note of.

Warwick- On paper Warwick sounds good right? High Sustain, MS boost, supression ult, tanky...but in practice he falls short. His damage is not nearly enough to make a big impact, his sustain is good sure but again is it enough? Not from what I have found. Overall he just falls behind other beefy dps types but I would have him close to tier 3 because he is almost there and given more time I may move him there but from what I have seen thus far, he is one of those champs that you say "Oh they have a Warwick"? because you simply do not notice him.

Tier 5: These champions have a lot of issues that hold them back on Dominion. As with any champion they have their place and I have seen good ones from this list but the majority and in practical terms they are a fair bit behind others.

Anivia - I thought the bird was the word and she would wreck all who oppose her, holding points for eternity and forcing people to flee her icy wrath. What I have seen so far though is a really slow bird with iced up wings who gets ganked like no tomorrow, who fails to use that wall properly and is just easily managed. She is is a champion I am waiting to see someone do well with and prove me wrong but out of the many I have seen, none of them have done anything but assist their team in losing.

Dr. Mundo - The good Doctor still goes where he pleases but once there fails to impress. He can soak damage better then most anyone, has mega sustain, can run around quickly yelling his own name but beyond that fails to provide the team with much of anything. He can soak a lot and hold a point but he will lose it eventually. He can roam and often times get people to run away but beyond that not much will happen. He simply lacks outside of his soak potential. Many higher tier sponge champs also bring with them heavy disruption, strong CC or able to work into heavy damage. If Mundo goes damage he dies quickly, if mundo goes tanky he becomes an annoying gnat.

Cho'Gath - Cho is not horrible but he just does not cut it. He can't get and maintain stacks, if he builds damage and has no stacks he is to squishy and if he builds tanky with no stacks he lacks any presence. He is a good champ whose mechanics simply fail to play well with Dominion.

Galio - Great anti mage champ but sadly in a mode that is not mage dominated. He has mega cool downs as well. He is simply outclassed here unless picked as a counter pick to a heavy AP stacking team and even I am not sure how his performance would be on Dom.

Mordekaiser- The nerfs really hurt the master of metal who is now singing the blues. He is to squish for the damage he does with no utility to speak. Sadly no real redeeming trait for Morde on Dominion that helps him to stand out and scream, PICK ME!!!

Shen - Not a bad pick really, could even go tier 4 and may well do so but for now here he is. Global ult is nice but the shield value is low and having Shen port in on you really is not a scary thing and worse if Shen has been put bot which is likely and has to ult...then what happens to bot....His ult still can work out and his taunt is nothing to scoff at and so that is why I think as a support and defender he could make it into tier 4, outside of that though...

Sivir- My good friends plays her on Dom and he honestly does fairly well. However I still feel she pales compared to the other ranged AD. I have gone against Sivir as Graves and Vayne, not full HP, the sivir blowing her ult and full life and she barely makes a dent before she ends up a corpse on the ground. So as a roamer she cant handle it, as a capper she falls short, her poke is only meh and as a defender which is her best role she still falls short.

Soraka - So I saw Soraka get a Penta the other night, was AMAZING. In the end though she got that penta thanks to being not targeted and people not being focused on targets so she could spam her AoE and clean up. With the heal nerfs I sorta wonder why Soraka? She can be built as a highly durable AP and thusly be a good defender but overall I still would wonder why when there are so many others who can simply do the job better and easier.

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Because tanky AP items like RoA, Rylai's, Abyssal and Zhonya's are so hard to build on Cho'gath, right? He doesn't need a lot of AP to do good damage since his ratios are so good.

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Thanks for reading, it is a bit long...

Cho is not bad but with how Dominion works it is very hard for him to maintain feast stacks which is an a key component of what makes Cho...well...Cho. Again not a matter of him being a bad champ but rather that there are other champions who can fill his role better on Dominion, IMO.

I am open to any feed back to help the list improve as long as it is founded argument and not just a citation of you doing awesome with him in a handful of games, as I stated early, a tier list is not a list to go by for who you play as I have seen good and bad no matter a champions tier. Rather it is in effect to give an idea of current balance with Dominion and how champions relate to it and each other.

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Heh, so most of my favourite champs are on the bottom of the list... niiiiiceee

I don't mind though; I do enjoy reading the list because you go through a lot of detail to try and explain your thoughts on each champion and I can appreciate that. Good work on it, ^.^

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I love this list. Amazing info and very helpful for those who want good and fair insight into the champions and their effectiveness on Dom.
It is long read but the information you cover is helpful to people who may have questions about any champion.

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There's really not much reason why you should be dying so often as Cho. You can exert huge amounts of pressure on enemy points just by pushing minions, and this is relatively safe to do, allowing you to build up Feast and get really tanky. If you want to be really safe when pushing, you can just max Rupture first, and it is also a good tool for stalling captures and harassing defenders with it's 950 range and 1:1 AP ratio. Placing Rupture underneath the tower on capture points along with the geometry of the points themselves makes it very difficult to see the particle.

He can outpush a lot of other popular bot picks (even Heimer) with his skillset, can stop Promote pushes effortlessly with Feast, and having an AP scaling true damage burst on a relatively short cooldown does a lot towards putting the hurt on tankier targets. His passive is still effective despite the reduced healing on the map. Killing one creep wave will heal him for about 60% of a health relic's healing, and the mana is a relative non-issue with the mana regen aura on the map.

He's also quite versatile with his builds, able to make good use out of every stat except pure AD. A decent attack speed item like Nashor's Tooth makes Vorpal Spikes nearly unrivaled in terms of minion clearing potential along with being a solid source of damage output. Even Stinger by itself is a very strong item for him with the combination of attack speed and CDR.

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Fun read. Many things I disagree about but Tier lists are opinions, not facts.

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Very extensive and probably the best explained one I've seen. +1.

Really think you may want to reconsider Akali's top tier position with how easy it is to reveal stealth in Dom tho xP