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1500 player looking for team (3v3/5v5) to get better with

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I am a pretty good LoL players spend most of my time playing with real life friends. Hence why im not 1700s or anythign try to help my friends gain elo but i want to start playing seriously i am currently like 340th in US for ranked 3v3 and im only like 1400 elo for solo que cus all my games have trolls in them. I am just looking for a competent team that is going to start doing some tournaments. Add me in game and/or look at my ranked stats and recent matches for info. I can be on almost everyday. I can play every role but prefer top lane more than anything i main akali and talon currentyl like 70% wins with akali out of 35 games and 55% with talon out of like 8 I prefer top lane over anything wen i cant play akali or talon tanky dps win the game imo but i can support play ap mid and ranged ad carries i can jungle but i feel like im too slow but i can do it as a last resort. willing to "tryout" or practice.