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$10 RP Giveaways + Bi-Monthly Raffles!

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Fancy Wolf

Senior Member


Hello Summoners!

We here at GunghoReplays are very excited about our videos and the amount of positive feedback we have been receiving. To celebrate this, we will be giving away two (2) $10RP Cards every two weeks starting November 10th!

To be entered into the raffle to win the $10 worth of RP, you must do both of the following:
1.) Subscribe to our channel: GunghoReplays (http://www.youtube.com/user/GunghoReplays) on youtube.
2.) Comment on the announcement video that will go live soon.

On November 10th, be sure to check your Youtube's messages in anticipation for a message from us with the RP code. The video will have more information about this and the future raffles!

We hope appreciate everything everyone has done for us so far and we hope we can expand our community to continue to make entertaining videos! We have a lot in store for future videos so we hope these giveaways will bring in more people so our videos will be enjoyed by the entire community!

We will post the announcement video here as soon as it goes live! So keep an eye out!

Announcement Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6ZyKzG6PT8

Please comment on this thread to keep it bumped so more people have a chance to win!