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What happens next?

[NMR] Remain in the Black Keep. Wait for our enemies to act first. 18 3.47%
[NMR] IronStylus will surely return. Seek the aid of the Nikasaur Manifest. 35 6.76%
[NMR] Attempt to acquire the services of the various mercenaries and pirates of the Realm. 43 8.3%
[IsC] Forge alliances with the Brotherhood of the Armored Bears and the Nyandalegion. 257 49.61%
[IsC] Try to appeal to Lady Nikasaur in an attempt to draw her out of neutrality before the NMR. 65 12.55%
[IsC] Return to Parrotopia. Begin printing anti-NMR propaganda and distribute it to other factions. 15 2.9%
[Mercenaries - If the NMR approaches you] Help them. 28 5.41%
[Mercenaries - If the NMR approaches you] Do not help them. 26 5.02%
[TNM - If the NMR approaches you] Lend them your aid. 5 0.97%
[TNM - If the NMR approaches you] Remain neutral for now. 6 1.16%
[TNM - If the IsC approaches you] Lend them your aid. 13 2.51%
[TNM - If the IsC approaches you] Remain neutral for now. 7 1.35%
Voters 518 .

[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 1 - The Incident

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If you are unfamiliar with the events this story is based on, please visit this link before continuing forth: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...guide+riot+war (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1392178&highlight=guide+riot+war)

Gather round people of the Realm, warriors and spectators alike! For here begins a tale unlike any you have heard before -- a tale of betrayal and war, of hardship and triumph, of Morello and IronStylus... and Leona.

I, Sagarys, have cast off the shackles of partisanship and have instead chosen to act simply as a scribe, recounting the actions of this war as they unfold before us.

Certainly you have read stories of war before, but this story, I assure you, is different. This is your story. You, the community, the warriors of the NMR and the IsC, the pirates and mercenaries, the trolls and white knights, you will write this tale. I will serve only as the mouthpiece as you shape your history.

And since this is the first post, and no doubt you are all wondering what on earth I am talking about, I will explain the rules for this little event below.

How This Will Work

In a moment, I will be posting the first chapter of this war below. It is a very short story based on the inciting incident originally detailed in a thread by IronStylus in which he stated -- and I'm paraphrasing -- Morello, about you macking on my girl, the gauntlet has been thrown.

Anyone who is interested in participating in this event will read the story, and go from there. As you read, I want you to place yourself within the Realm of the Community. You become one of the characters.

After you read the excerpt, you will notice that there is a poll above. In this poll are various options. These options represent what can possibly happen next in this story. Please, don't vote right away. Instead, I want you to talk with your chosen factions and discuss possible outcomes. Strategize. Choose carefully. You don't necessarily have to choose an option marked with your faction's tag. You could instead choose to vote for another faction's option in hopes that by forcing them to make that decision, you can in some way counter them further on in the story.

Once you have made a selection in the poll, I also want you to comment in the thread itself. This is the part where you become a character. Make your plans. Explain your decisions. Plot your next steps. Lambast your foes (but please keep it clean and respectful). Write the story that takes place between the chapters. I will leave the thread up for some time -- about 3 days -- to allow everyone to thoroughly get engaged. When you post, I would ask that you begin your posts with the name of your faction bolded and underlined so I can tell who is saying what.

After a while, I will take the information from the poll and also all the comments of the players, and I will use this to write the next chapter of the war. If you would like yourself, your character so to speak, to be written into the story, I encourage you to take up your role and make yourself known throughout the Realm of the Community. Make yourself into a useable character, and I just might use you. This does not mean, however, that the loudest people or the people who post the most will be included. I can't include everyone, only the best!

So, it's up to you, community, to determine how this war will play out. I will remain non-biased. I will simply write what the community decides upon. So, please make your posts concise, well-written, and try to speak collectively for your factions. If multiple members of one faction all tell me different things, the story won't be as strong.

I think that is thorough enough. If you have any questions or concerns, please voice them and I will try to respond with haste.

Now, without further ado, I present you with The Riot War - Chapter 1 - The Incident:

The Riot War – Chapter 1 – The Incident

Somewhere in the frozen wastes of the Realm of the Community…

A frigid wind blew down from the snow-capped mountains far to the north, whistling through frost-rimed trees. Flags fluttered high on the spires of the Black Keep, the iron fortress of the dark lord, Morello, king of the mighty New Morello Republic. The sun had just begun to set, casting the long shadows of skeletal trees upon the snow.

In the dungeon of the Black Keep, far beneath the earth, Lord Morello, in flowing robes of black and silver, stood before a locked cell. By his side, a mighty cudgel, known across the Realms as the Nerfbat, leaned against the bars. The soft cries of a woman echoed off the slimy stone walls of the prison – cries that only served to fuel the gravelly laughter of the dark lord. With a wicked grin, Morello reached for that awful bat. But before he could put it to use, the dungeon door creaked open.

“My lord,” said a voice from behind Morello. “Emissaries have come from the south. They request an audience.”

Morello turned his head slowly, looking back over his shoulder.

“Who are they?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“They said only that they have come from the Great Aviary and that they wish to speak with you,” said the trembling servant, half-hidden behind the door.

Morello let out a heavy sigh. He did not like to be interrupted when he was torturing his prisoners.

“Tell them I will join them shortly. I have… business that I need to finish here,” he replied, tightening his grip on the Nerfbat.

“As you wish, my lord,” the servant squeaked, and he rushed out of the room.

Morello turned back to his prisoner and smiled once more.

“Immune to CC… Ha! Foolish summoners. They just needed a bigger cage,” he laughed.

With that, he took up the Nerfbat in both hands and hefted it high above his head. With a roar, he brought it down hard upon his prisoner. Irelia’s resulting cries resounded in the far corners of the Realm.


The visitors stood in Morello’s audience chamber, awaiting the arrival of the dark lord. The man and woman, clad in extraordinarily ornate armor of crimson and gold, lingered by the fireplace, admiring the impressive architecture of the Keep. The man wore a heavy cloak with feathers, scarlet and green. And upon his breast, the crest of the Parrot Lord.

After some time, the door to the audience chamber swung wide. And there, holding open the portal, stood the trembling servant. Then, beyond the threshold came the sound of heavy footfalls and rattling chain armor. A moment later, Morello strode into the hall, his face hidden beneath the shadows of a deep hood. Many moments passed, and no one spoke.

“Greetings, Lord Morello. We have come to—,” the man in the feathered cloak began to say, finally breaking the silence. But he was stopped before he could finish.

“Who are you?” Morello uttered.

The man and woman exchanged glances, surprised by the hostility apparent in the dark lord’s voice.

“Yes, of course. Where are my manners?” the man said. “I am IronStylus, king of the Great Aviary of Parrotopia. And this is my wife and queen, Lady Leona.”

As IronStylus spoke her name, Morello cast his icy gaze upon her. And in an instant, he was enamored. Leona was possessed of a beauty leagues beyond anything that Morello had ever seen before. He was stunned, as if by a… Shield of Daybreak.

“We have come here today to extend a hand of peace to you and your Republic. Long are the days that Lord Morello has lingered within this keep, lashing out seemingly without provocation – a symbol of fear. And to that end, the people of Parrotopia wish to make peace, so that we may live out our days without fear of your wrath. We have come bearing gifts as a symbol of our sincerity and willingness to negotiate this peace treaty,” IronStylus said, his majestic voice resonating within the stone hall.

Morello did not reply. His gaze was still fixed upon Lady Leona.

“Lord Morello?” Leona asked after a moment.

The sweet song of her voice shook Morello from his stupor.

“Uh… yes. Peace. Gifts. I do enjoy gifts,” Morello mumbled, his focus still shaken.

“Are you alright, Lord Morello?” IronStylus asked.

“Yes. Oh, yes. I am fine, good king,” Morello replied, finally regaining control of his senses. “Please, follow me. We will take this matter to my throne room.”

IronStylus and Lady Leona nodded their agreement and smiled. They had not expected Lord Morello to be so cooperative, given his reputation throughout the Realm.

Morello led them down a long, winding corridor, only dimly lit by a few scattered torches. After the trio had walked for what felt like an hour, Morello finally stopped before a large, iron-bound door. IronStylus could feel a cold draft coming from beneath it, and he furrowed his brow curiously. He looked to his lady, who seemed to share his curiosity.

“Please, after you, good king,” Morello said, a crooked smile peeking out from beneath his hood.

Cautiously, IronStylus stepped up to the door. Morello, bowing low, released the lock and opened it. In an instant, IronStylus knew that something was not right, for he was now peering out into the driving snow. A fiercely cold wind bit his face and stung his eyes. Lord Morello had tricked him! But before he could recoil, a heavy boot struck him squarely in the back, knocking him out of the keep. He landed face-down in the snow. The door to the Black Keep slammed behind him. He scrambled to his feet in a desperate attempt to reopen the thing, but he was not fast enough. As he reached the door, he heard the heavy lock slide into place on the other side. He banged on the door with all his might, shouting, begging for Lord Morello to let him back inside. But his efforts were to no avail. His pleas were ignored, and his voice was carried away on the wind.

But worst of all – his beautiful Lady Leona was still inside. For a moment, he heard the dark lord laughing beyond the portal. Then he heard Leona’s cries. Then he heard nothing.

Left helpless in the snow, IronStylus looked around for help. But what he found served only to deepen his anguish. Around him, several of the dark lord’s followers – malnourished men in tattered armor – began to gather. They crept slowly toward him, their jagged weapons shining in the moonlight. Left with no other option, IronStylus drew his blade – The Iron Stylus – and rushed toward the nearest of Morello’s men. In a whirling flurry of steel and feathers, he quickly dispatched the clumsy soldiers. Free for the moment, he sheathed his blade and ran. He continued to run until the Black Keep was far behind him. His lungs burned and his legs ached. But he could not stop. He knew that he needed to find help right away. He had to wrest his Lady Leona from the poisonous grasp of the dark lord before it was too late.

And so IronStylus set out into the Realm of the Community in search of any that would aid him in what could only end in war.

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Nerfs for the nerf god!

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We of the Imperium of Tons of Damage bide our time....for now. We do not meddle in the affairs of heretics and aliens.

Chapel Master Kobra Kommand
~Legion of the Trinity Force

Imperium of Tons of Damage

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The Armored Bear remains neutral with the NMR, for now... the Iron Solari have extended their hands in friendship and we accept.

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The Stormchaser

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The NMR shall win the war!

-Captain Stormchaser

76th Division of the Dark Anivia/Chief Propaganda Expert

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The Brotherhood of the Armored Bear is greatly appeased by this, Saragys.

Ambearsador Soupcup, Leader of the Brotherhood.

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As the Grand Nerf General of the NMR, I say we shalt wait in our dark keep, none, not even armored bears can penetrate its walls



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Ms Managed

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A quick question, what is TNM supposed to stand for?

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The Brotherhood must stand strong beside our allies! They shall know the might of our bears!

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MW Underneathean:
A quick question, what is TNM supposed to stand for?

My apologies, TNM is The Nikasaur Manifest.