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Correct Bot Yorick Build?

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I've just checked: Both Veils give the same 50 MR.

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Lol atma gives you a free BF sword at 2500 health. Definitely not tiny. The active is 90 sec cooldown, and you have to max it before using it to make the best out of it. And in theory, I assume you get all magic damage. Now in reality, you get mix damage, which actually lessen its usefulness. Anyway, 76 vs 50 MR is just a few %. The defensive stats have disminishing return. I forgot the formula, but usually after it gets past 100 Armor/MR, except for tanks. At 200 armor or MR, you get 75% damage reduction. It won't benefit everyone compare to getting damage items. And your champion won't start or end at 0 MR. Some champions have their MR increase per level.

Anyway lots of people would be happy if BV is brought back in Dominion.

I think you are really confused.

I am talking about FON and Odins. Not Odins and Banshees. You don't have a choice between Odins and banshees.

Now when I was comparing Odins and Banshees I didn't say Atma's gives you a small amount of damage. I said Odins will give you a small amount of damage from the life it gives you. Not from the total amount of life you have. You see FON gives you 0 life which adds 0 dmg. Odins gives you a little life which adds like what like 7 dmg? Not much but it's just an added benefit.

You just keep going on making no sense. You start agreeing saying the difference between 50MR and 76MR is just a few %. That' exactly the point. Odins gives you 10% reduc on top of whatever you get from the MR. So since the difference between 50MR and 76MR is only a few % Odins is going to block more magic dmg period, and you also get other added benefits like the life, mana, and active.

For the last time. I'm not comparing Odins and Banshees. I am responding to anyone saying Odins is useless as a MR item when it is the MR item that provides the highest amount of surviveability against magic dmg in Dominion besides a Wyrmogs or frozen mallet depending on your current MR, or gaurdian angel if it's up.