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I understand that there have been threads upon threads about this already. I am a new comer to LoL, but have been playing quite a bit since starting, I am a SC player and have logged thousands of games on SC2 over the last year. As anyone who knows about SC2 knows it is the biggest eSport out there, large prize pools, great players, casters, youtube casters, etc. Like I said I have very much enjoyed my time playing LoL but one thing I am finding is that taking that next step from game I enjoy and play often to "one of my games" (one of two or three games that I will dedicate the majority of my free time too) is the lack of professional atmosphere.

There is no youtube casters, there are no live casters, not from what I can find, anyone that has been into SC2 knows the impact that HD, Husky, Day9, Artosis and many other youtube and live casters have had, they help people to learn the game, to keep them playing because when they aren't playing they are watching (I have honestly watched more SC2 then played) If you look at TeamLiquids registered posters they sky rocketed with SC2's release, alot of which had to do with Husky and HD, the youtube phenoms that really helped the game explode during beta and release (at one point husky was in top three daily views for his channel on youtube)

This brings me to my point, in order to really build a solid player base you have to have things to occupy them outside of the game, you have to build a community, just like Starcraft has done since BW. A vital part of that is allowing obs in games, aswell as full functional replay's. Having these options would allow people that are interested (me) to cast games, weather they are live with obs (allowing you to cast live tournys and really build that vital community to get a game going and keep it going for a long time) or uploaded to youtube by casting replays. I have read certain post's stating that they are not as important as other things but to be honest to make an rts last they are THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of the game along with balance, you can't build a community if you don't let them interact, which the majority of interaction happens outside of games.

I am asking Riot to really think long and hard about this because if you would like to build a succesful game that will last a long time, you have to do this, you have to build community, that is what makes me a Starcraft player, the fact that I am part of a community of players, I stay up untill 7 am, get 6 hours of sleep and go to work the next day, just so I can stay up and watch GSL live every night it is on, I know more about Day9, Tasteless, Artosis, iNcontrol, any SC2 pro then I do about alot of the people I work with. Riot, build a community, don't let such a fun game go to waste, it has the potential to have a great community behind it that is strong and has big figures in it. Please focus on getting these vital parts of the game up and running as soon as you can, and invest more time into things, patching every 2 weeks is no needed, SC2 patches once every few months.

Work on these, then balance, then new heros/skins/unneeded additions to what is a great game as it is. I have read you kind of screwed yourselves with backwards compat. Well a simple fix would be bite the bullet, don't patch as often, get all of the heros balanced well and then release your obs and replay features, then patch every few months adding multiple heros, multiple skins. items everything all at once, it will make patches bigger and longer but people are use to that, it will then eliminate having to create a new replay feature every two weeks, take a page from Blizzards book, bigger is better and that applies to patches too, it give s you time to really fine tune things before you patch it in and you can always make balance patches if a new hero turns out to be way OP.