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Garen any good?

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Junior Member


Garen is pretty good, a tankish fellow who can focus and silence squishies whilst dealing a respectable amount of damage. Easy sustain and dps

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Bladez Edge



Don't know how, might learn later, but apparently, if you give him the right build, you can never kill him. I had my team being raped by him before. We ranked him 1v4 and he still got away fairly unsaved while getting a double kill.

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Blue Scarlet

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Garen is the human bayblade and really annoying as sht to face esspically when he gets a black cleaver. What I do is get sun-fire cape and Black Cleaver Just to be annoying. You want to be the most annoying sht on the field yelling "DEMACIA!!!" basically I think that what all bruisers job pose to be.... really freaking annoying.....
also dont be afraid to poke towers with a enemy is nearby when you have creeps. Some garen players like to break the opposing team's top tower first before they get a kill allows them to roam around, get kills, be more annoying to other lanes, or all of the above.
The last important thing is be aware with garen's healing passive try to moderate the amount of damage you receive while you also drain the enemy's mana. (Great thing about garen is he has no mana.) They will surely to use their abilitys to harass you but once outta battle your passive heals more than than they could get mana so keep that in mind.
I think garen's Op just people abuse what he can really do so they over-estimate and over-extend allowing for ganks and deaths.