BF Sword

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It needs to have two parts so you dont have to wait for 1600 to profit any ad. I dont know what those two items would be but that is where riots creative thinking comes into play I guess.

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The way they've built the items is that the offensive building block items have 3 of each. AP has the Tome, Wand and Rod at 20, 40 and 80 AP. The tome is a cheap 435 gold while the rod costs 1600, but if you do the math you notice you get the same AP as 4 tomes, for 140 gold less if you buy the rod.

The same is true with AD, 10 25 and 45 on Long, Pick and BF. Long Sword gives you 40 AD for 1660 where BF sword gives 45 for 1650.

It's a balanced system, it works, deal with it yo. Not all stats have higher efficiency building block items (Lifesteal has 1 building block, CDR/Spell Vamp/Magic Pen/Armor Pen have no building blocks for their stats, Armor and MR have 2 building blocks each), but it's their system and it works. Allows for a vast number of offensive items.