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Champion Idea: Jenny Greenteeth

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MadCast Apoz

Senior Member


Jenny Greenteeth
The Water Demon

Attack: 4/10
Health: 6/10
Spell: 5/10


(PASSIVE): Stuttering Aura: Nearby enemy cooldown times are increased by 25%. (Only works if you are near Jenny when you activate an ability.)

Rake: Jenny swipes with both of her claws, dealing weak damage twice, and slowing the target for 2 seconds.

Water Bubble: Jenny summons a water bubble on target enemy or ally. If placed on an ally, it absorbs weak damage for 7 seconds. If placed on an enemy, it deals weak damage over 7 seconds. When the bubble breaks or fades, it deals weak damage to all enemies near it.

Transgress: Jenny channels her essence of life, restoring a percentage of her health and mana every second for 4 seconds.

(ULTIMATE): Drown: Jenny channels for 2 seconds, then teleports to a nearby enemy target, and creates a shield of water around them, that will absorb heavy damage. The target is incapacitated for 4 seconds, and then takes heavy damage. Any damage taken will interrupt the effect.

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Idea is great but the abilities seem too powerful to down her.

For example -

I would reduce that cooldowns to 15% and make it a 1000 range aura

Transgress : % based hp AND mana would be way op during all game. Choose 1 or the other, make it castable on allies and change it to base numbers with increased effectiveness with AP such as restores - 75 hp, 50 mana // 100 / 75 // 150 / 125 // 200 / 150 // 300 / 200.. and put the cooldowns on rather high 26 / 22 / 18 / 16 / 14, since its a significant heal and mana up..

The ultimate will be UP as anything if it can be interrupted by damage + cleansed + reduced from items.
I would suggest instead of making it a single target, make it a AoE channel that can move ( Like morganas ulti) that targets all champions within 700 range or so and deals minor dps over time and then after the 3 secs a massive wave sweeps out from all directions to deal heavy damage.

Those are just my 2 cents, but def buff the ulti because it seems it could be counted so insanely easily.

*On another note : Whats with Rake? Is this a melee ability, is she / he? a melee champion or ranged?
All her other abilities seem like they are a mage / support kind of champion yet Rake doesn't seen to fit into the mix well