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@ Gold and Plat Players

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I started playings some ranked in season 1 right near the end but it was primarily to pick up the Kayle skin. I'm now looking to improve my play in the pre-season leading up to season 2. I don't expect to be a 2k+ player but I was hoping to get some tips on how to analyse my games and to identify my mistakes.

I don't have anyone that I play with who plays LOL seriouslythat could give pointers and I have trouble when I rematch my games identifying my shortcoming. I find a lot of times thigs makes sense after I know how the fight ends but in the moment and not knowing that the mia ap carry will flash in and clean up what could have been a good 2 v1 gank. So my question is then what sort of things should be bringing up red flags for me? Is there a methodology or a way of going back over games ( I should have mentioned this earlier I just use lol recorder) to identify your weaknesses?

I enjoy and primarily play junglers but can also play Garen and Morgana to try and fill in any holes that arise through team comp. I'm currently +5 wins in ranked but still around 1200 elo so I get my fair share of games with people who troll and/or feed and I realize this will be a fact of life for a long time but to me the best way to get out of elo hell is to be a better player.


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Try watching high level League of Legends tournament games on Youtube and notice what kind of things people do. You should notice their team composition, their builds, the junglers role and how often they gank and how early they gank, the supports role, the carry's impact and how they try to counter their enemy team.

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There are commentaries by good players on youtube that analyze games played. I started watching some of them a couple weeks ago and my gameplay has improved drastically in just a week or two and I've been playing consistently since beta. I'm finding that it isn't so much your ability to use a champion but map control/awareness and decisions on when to engage, take dragon, baron, etc. Play enough with a champ and you will naturally improve with the champ, but playing the game better is a whole different story.

Also, Phreak's (spelling?) summoner spotlights always throw in a couple helpful hits for general gameplay that can be applied to all champions. So, watch those if you don't already.