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Fractions in LoL

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I'm just curious, as I'm deciding on runes, about how stat values are treated in LoL.

I notice when I bring up the stat menu in game (C button) that it rounds down my stats, ie if you've got 1 point in tier 2 defense tree in dodge, it shows up as 0% vs the 0.5% you have in the tree. The same goes for the third point giving 1.5% dodge, showing up in game as 1%.

Does LoL round down or does it take into account the fractions of values?

Specifically, if I buy 8 flat CDR runes, 5.2% CDR, will that give me the same value as 9 CDR runes, 5.85% CDR?

If the values are truncated, it would make a a significant change in the amount of IP I spend.

Again, if anyone knows how this works, I am open for any feedback!

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To my knowledge, values are not truncated, but the display of them is.