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SUPPORTS - What's the Public Opinion on them?

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Senior Member


honestly i love playing as a support, but i cant trust people in solo queue especially thsoe who whine about me "taking cs". i cant stand that **** assuming i shouldnt have any gold while they auto attack the lane and miss half hte creeps.

janna to me feels like the most fun hero in the game; you just can't make much of an impact with bad players so i stopped playing them to go for someoen who can control a game like a jungler.

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Zilean is my new favorite champ, but I will only play him with at least one person I know and laning with them. He has really opened my eyes to how useful support champs are, even if you do the whole "0 CS" support meta that you see right now.

It's really very fun to disrupt the enemy team, plus you're going to get some assists so it's not impossible to get some gold, just more difficult. Also if you do it right, supports can save carry's lives and become the team's favorite champ.

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Venom Genocide



I myself love playing Support.

Soraka, Sona, Taric, and Karma.
All have a good balance with certain AD champions too. Mostly you see them in the Pro-games.

I just wish the pro's would use karma more often to highlight her, cause she is such an awesome support that most people don't understand. I know my brother doesn't understand her double skills.

Anyways, what I meant to ramble on about is that Support is viable, just people need to learn how to PLAY with a support. And if you don't see them playing like they should as a support with a support, then start killing and get some items. AP Soraka is mean with her starcall and Infuse. Sona's Hymn of Valor hurts a LOT around 600 AP :P