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Veigar - need help with runes and masteries pls!

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Junior Member


yesterday i bought veigar.
at the moment i just got some **** runes and **** mastery points^^
i hope someone can post me a good guide for mastery points and give me some advise for my runes...

hope 4 soon answer

mfg Rapwnzel

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Red magic penetration, yellow mana regen/level, blue flat AP, quintessences can be flat AP or speed. Your choice.

EDIT: Right, forgot about masteries. I go 9/0/21 with a mastery for Teleport. I'm a man of teleport and ignite myself.

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Hello there,

I main Veigar, and I have found that magic pen reds, Mp5 at 18 for yellow and blue, and flat health Qs work well for me. The mana regen is extremely helpful for early game laning (combined with clarity if you want to be safe) can almost keep you in the lane forever until you need to go back. This also lets you skip mana regen items such as chalice and go right for ap, which is helpful for getting early kills and to start to snowball early. I also start with a +20 ability power tome, and I never have any mana problems.

I hope I helped you any, and have fun playing Veigar; he sure is one of the more fun champions to play!

Edit: For mastery points, I go with 9/0/21. I run with ghost, so I get the ghost talent, 3/4 expanded mind, and 3/3 meditation.