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Please, stop blaming the tank.

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Senior Member


I loved off-tank because they can't ignore you unlike full-tank that force people to attack him, but without punishment of ignoring him. Off-tank like Mordekaiser, Singed, Malphite etc. Will get triple to penta kill when got ignored because their spells really hurt. At least you need to CC them before going to the squishies. Other thing that sucks when you pick tank is you need to follow the traditional tank build, if you buy any kind of damage boosting items (AD/AP) your teammates will be like "OMGWTF we need tank what items are you making NOoob" or "GG we Lost our tank trying to be DPS"

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Fancy Foxy



I know that feeling..People yell at me all the time. and im like umm ya im the ****in tank and hence why u died cause they went straight for your ass. and once again im the ****in tank u want me to kill them before they kill you? ya fat chance. Ya i can run in and initiate but if ur a 1300 hp teemo at lvl 16 and u get virtually one shot by aoe nonetheless dont complain