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Ezreal: Graves spotlight items

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Basically i laughed at the video when i saw the item build for graves because i've been basically using it for ezreal for the past two weeks. I'm making this thread because i recommend it, especially if you like to play AD ezreal.

If you don't know the build here it is: personal alterations and comments are in parenthesis

Doran's blade x2/ prospect x1 in Dominion

Boots (i get CDR Boots)

Blood thirster

Phantom Dancer (I get Frozen mallet first)

Frozen mallet (already have so i get phantom)

Infinity edge (I rarely get this far and if i do i try to get the black cleaver)

Last Whisper (i'd rather get The Black Cleaver)

(The following is all based on personal Opinion)

Runes: Arm pen Marks/Quints (i've been playing around with crit chance runes too)
Mana regen/lvl Seals
Magic resist/lvl Glyphs

Masteries Classic 21/0/9
Dominion 9/0/21

There is one main downside to this build and that would be the fact it's so expensive. There were maybe 1 or 2 games where I got to the point where i can afford an item beyond the getting BT/FM/PD. Unless you get about 20 kills, 20 assists, and 200 cs (i'm exaggerating) you will probably not get all six items. The last con i've found in this build for ezreal is that you are still squishy enough to fall to assassins quite quickly unless you are kiting or have some sort of support (i have taken full health akali players in dominion under a tower 1v1). Other than that, if you know how to play ezreal without mana items he's really good with this set up.

With this set up Ezreal is great against most melee champs because of kiting, and even without a lot kiting i've been taking down tanks 1v1 because of the significant amount of health and life steal. (I know that this isn't a game of 1v1, but there are times when you are alone and if you have good map awareness you won't get ganked). Between FM's slow and the MS you get from PD it is really easy to kite. especially with "Q".

In Team Fights Ez it pretty good at baiting the enemy. Ez can take quite a few hits with the extra health from FM. i'll be out in front some times to bait a GP or Xin Zhao and thanks to TP i can get back and attack from a safe distance as the rest of my team kills the initiator. If you take a too much damage than you're comfortable with you can still heal up by staying back spamming "Q", or you can kill some minions. and While you won't have the same damage output as other AD carries until you get IE, you make up for it with the ability to take a few hits, your mobility, and the slow from FM.


"Q" is great for kiting with frozen mallet, if your enemy isn't quite in range he'll be hit with "Q" if he's dumb enough to chase you. it's best cast "Q" on pursuers before they are in range so that they are barely hit by it, that way you keep them slowed and you have plenty of distance.

Even with FM, Ezreal isn't meant to tank, so make sure that you avoid Cc as best as you can.

a fight you can win easy can turn into a hard loss if you get exhausted

Auto attacking is your friend, it's ok to last hit with "Q" but try to save you mana for champion engagements

When you have blue buff, it's ok to Spam, especially your Ult. Use your ult to farm or take pot shots if you have blue buff.

"Q" applies life steal, spam it i team fights if your HP is too low to auto attack.

NEVER EVER, tp into an enemy unless you are 150% sure you can either kill them or escape. spam "Q" to lower the CD of your TP.

"W" lowers enemy AS and "Q" lowers your CDs, if your up against an enemy melee AD champ you can Auto attack constantly and only use "E" to keep your distance. and if he gets close before TP is up again use "W" to minimize damage to you while still doing constant damage to him. (it's ok to take a few hits)

Thank you for reading, all feed back is appreciated.

Please try it out