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Profile update?

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Senior Member


so, when are these updates gonna come up? I'm pretty sure ALOT of us wanna see this "achievement" tab added into it.

Summoner spells update? Gonna add in the dominion stuff? :O


Champion stuff I think should be an updated area ~ Champion Folders so you can sort out your favorite champions rather than alphabetical order, you can have certain champions in certain areas such as your favorites at the top least favorites at the bottom, and same for ranked bans, you can add your typical ban selections to a certain area rather than alphabetical, cause it can be sometimes annoying trying to find say rammus and they dont have him but you seem to be thinking you're just missing him somewhere.

TL;DR update profile stuff add personal champion sorting ????? profit.

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This would make things much better. It is a royal pain to find the champ you want on the list for banning or selection if there are a lot on the list.