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Lmfaopwnt: Top, stfu you all suck.

Normalperson1: Mid or top please.

Fuqyermam: Mid you **** trolls.

Normalperson2: adc

Normalperson3: jungle

Normalperson1: I'm mid I guess.

Fuqyermam: No your not you said mid or top, so you are top.

Fuqyermam: Just making your decision easy for you.

Normalperson1: No, Lmfaopwnt called top first so that leaves me mid.

Fuqyermam: Psh, I suck at support.

Normalperson1: Do you think you can play that, anyways?

Lmfaopwnt: You all **** suck ****.

(Fuqyermam's time to pick, picks lux, instalocks)

(Normalperson1,2, and 3 start to wonder why there isn't some way to dodge queue/report Lmfaopwnt and Fuqyermam without having to wait 30 mins to play another game, or play a game with these guys)

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Champ select is a rule-free, consequence-free environment. Unless you leave to try to find a troll-free team. Then you are scum and don't deserve to play for 30 minutes.