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suggestions: futher improvement on the ingame performance.

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- Auto-pilot bot for the leavers -
bot level scales with summoner level and ELO, the higher they are the smarter the bot pilot is.
pinging the bot to back will cause the bot to return back to the nearest tower.

- pointing cursor on a champion would show an attack range circle, toggle-able on the options -
pointing the cursor on a champion would cause a circle to appear, this circle is an indication of how far can the champion's basic attack reach.

- built-in macro hotkey -
supports chatstring hotkey where pressing the hotkey would automatically announce the chatsting into the messagebox.
queue multiple spells in a line using the macro hotkey, example.
[Q -> W -> E "shift+T"], this would cause the caster to cast Q, W, E in succession by pressing "shift+T", interrupting the macro would cause it to stop.

- built-in text-to-speech system -
type in a word and an AI will read it for you.
it may possibly read engrish as well.

PS: if you guys want to add some stuffs on the suggestions, you may.