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Who does better in Twisted Treeline Talon or Riven?

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I'd trust sealzilla's opinion on Riven being easier to burst down late game in higher ranked matches, since he is more familiar with high tier play than me.

However, in lower tier play (for all you newbies like me), if you can farm decently, or better yet gank often, by the 15 minute mark a good Riven build doesn't die unless hard CC'd (like long stun/ mega slow) and outnumbered, so I wouldn't worry as much. Usually, lower tier players (again, like me) don't have the skill or team coordination to chase down the extremely mobile riven. On that same train of thought, Riven can also chase down most foes for the kill, which I think is what you wanted in the first place.

I've played a dozen+ games with Riven in Twisted Treeline, and this is my experience.

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Riven is more stronger, more agressive, more damage, more burst, more mobility. Everything better than talon.