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Should Riot implement language based queues/servers?

Yes 2 66.67%
No 1 33.33%
It's not an issue 0 0%
I like cookies! 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 3 .

Team Communication Concerns

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I posted this elsewhere, but now I think I posted it in the wrong section, so here we go:

Hello there, I'm new to the forums, and just got myself to level 30 mostly on Summoner's Rift playing in the solo queue.

I have many times run into frustrations in the solo queue with being on teams where half the team speaks another language.

With League of Legends being a team game, would it not make sense to have either separate servers or separate queues based on language? Communication is often times VITAL in a League of Legends game, and if I can't understand you, and you can't understand me, how will we survive in the battle?

Pings are nice, but they only go so far, and I'm sure that those that have played with me that don't speak English have probably also been frustrated from time to time with not being able to understand me during a game.

So, what I'd like to do is set up this thread to ask, am I the only one that is having this issue? Is Riot looking into this issue at all?

Or is it just not considered enough of an issue to put the work in to resolve it?

P.S. This has nothing to do with race. I don't care if you're an African Speaking Swahili, an Asian speaking Korean, a European speaking German, or a Brazilian speaking Portuguese. I just want to be able to understand my teammates.