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Admin interface to queue complaints

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Build a freaking app that lets admins just boot people. Forget all this procedure ****. Players press a button, it alerts a hidden admin, he watches, he bans the guy for a few weeks.

To curb smurf accounts, allow players with high "hours played with good behavior" to select certain VIP servers. Alerts would be queued based on server group, elo, and credibility of the reporter and complaint history of the offender.

An admin could watch several games on multiple monitors and tag players based on behavior. The lower a player gets tagged, more likely he will get paired with other brats. In essence, brats would be forced to play with brats until they could earn their way out based on "time served for good behavior."

You could even make money off this by creating a VIP status that gets priority on admin's attention. I'd pull out my credit card for this feature.

Another way to approach it, is to let admins rate players on a brat score, and when a game gets started, all the brats get put on one team. This would take more tagging and work though.

Games are afraid to ban people, but I've run servers before. The more you ban (assuming appropriate bans) the more popular a game will be. I have DONE THIS MANY TIMES as an owner of servers for various games. I've banned several THOUSAND people, and it only made my servers more popular.

Start building modules to allow mass brat banning and you'll have more adults (read: "players with money&quot playing the game.