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Dominion 4v5

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While posting in another forum, I thought of a way to help the leaver problem in Dominion.

A way to fix this would be to not give exp/cash to the 5th guy that is standing in the base but to split it with the other 4. Maybe not 100% but maybe 50 to 70% If the guy comes back he will be a bit behind but your team wont suffer to bad for it. This would make it more like SR having another solo lane when someone leaves. They are still able to play and even win the match.

This would need to be tested to find a sweet spot to balance it with out going to far. I don't want them to take over the game or people will have a guy that leaves for a planned 5 to 10 mins and comes back. It should still be hard to win but at least possible.

3v5... well game might as well end.