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[Suggestion] Avoiding Ranked Queue Time

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Junior Member


I really think that the delay to join another game after dodging a solo ranked queue should get lower.

Everytime i try to play ranked solo it takes like 30 min to find a team that i find playable (matches my gameplay style) because the time to ban/choose champs is so little.

People always enter the solo ranked queue with something in mind (like, "I want to go mid", "I wanna jungle&quot, and this makes the choice of champions pretty HARD,also i lose a lot of time discussing which champ to take and which strategy to go for.

Sometimes i feel like non-playing just because i know that is going to take a lot fo time to get to a match.

Also, i don't wanna lose my rank by entering matches with disorganized teams because, even though i'm a low ranked player, i know a lot of things like meta, field control etc...

I think that the experience of playing a solo ranked game could be real better if some of this things were less harmful to gameplay

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Hiyo Xiouyu

Junior Member


whenever people like you que dodge because you don't get the champ you like everyone else has to sit through 6-10 mins of picks and bans again not to mention it allows people to now target ban champs that they saw before you que dodged. Luckily, looking at your profile you don't have decent elo at all so you will never be in my games but if anything the penalty should be increased specifically for ranked. If you want to troll do it in normals where winning doesn't matter.