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Skins Sale: 50% Off Armor of the 5th Age Taric, Badger Teemo, and Shadow Evelynn

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Wrenchman Golin

Senior Wrenchmen


I got Badger Teemo, why? Because he looks like a Panda Moogle.

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maybe the prices are high but you think that if they costed 1 dollar they would get more proffit since more people wouldn't mind paying 1 dollar ?

Actually, looking at the history of this particular game, yes. When they had the short term sale of the Urf-Warwick scale for 1 riot point, lots of people who had never before plunked down cash, did. Was a brilliant marketing strategy.

Frankly I think the prices should come down a tad overall, but also that they should offer other occasional outrageous deals - the kind of things which can sucker people into putting a little cash down. Along those lines, should also have some regular 'cheap' skins, especially the ones that are really very minor variations from the norm (like, 'exactly the same but a different color').

When one is dealing crack, one sometimes needs to give the first smoke free...