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Score Board Stops Displaying

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In-game, when I was playing just earlier, I realized that holding tab no longer pulls up the score board for me to see everyone's kills and deaths and such and such.

Now, it was fine when I went into the game. At first I thought it was a problem with my keyboard, but hold on... Everything else is working! Since I used a wireless keyboard, it was probably the batteries so I changed it, still didn't work. I thought it was a problem with the tab button itself, but when I press O to bring it up, it doesn't work either. I tried changing the key bindings and still didn't work.

So after the game I checked to see if it was still working, and huzzah, it's working...

I'm not sure what the conditions were, and I'm sure this is rare, but when it happens it's troubling if you can't see what the enemy team is building, what your team is building, and how many kills and deaths and assists everyone has, respawn times. You know, the essentials.

It'd be great if someone were to look into it.

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You could've dragged it off the screen, it has happened to me multiple times.