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![Suggestion] regarding the Tribunal and improving its effectiveness!

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Hello guys! I would like to make a suggestion- how to improve the Tribunal system. Before the split I was "voting" in the Tribunal almost every day. After the split I stopped but today I decided that I had enough of being solomatched with ******s, noobs etc and I wanted to do something about it. So I started reviewing cases and from what I saw today I can conclude that our Tribunal is not effective or said in other way it is not aiming to help the veteran players and I think this is what Tribunal should be all about. Today I had 4 cases with guys who were level 7, 11, 15, 27 and I find that rather disturbing. As we all know this game starts being interesting at lvl 30 (you can start play ranked etc). Before you hit lvl 30 we can be regarded as newbies we still learn the game and let's face it every time when we try learning something new we will fail at doing it. Also I had 2 cases from "Co-ops" games and I think that this is stupid.

My propositions are:
First- reports from ranked games to have a higher priority than reports from normal games. In other words let's have two different sections one for ranked games and one for normals or to have 5 cases from ranked and 5 from normals.

Second- prevent the players who are below level 30 (or 25 or so) to be able to report. That's how the tribunal gets spammed with useless cases and if I haven't checked these guys ingame profiles I would have probably reached different verdicts.

Third- Co-Ops game to have the same restriction as "Second" in other words the "Report" button to be disabled there cause as we all know this is the place to try new things and builds it's a place for newbies to learn the game.

Let's argument my statement. First the priority of the different types of games differ as it follows- ranked>normal/dominion>co-ops/custom. And since only ranked is influencing us (elo ratings etc) the other 4 wouldn't make any change in your game since W/L ratio there doesn't change the matching system. In other words (as far as I understand it) even if you have 100 wins more than losses you still can get matched with a brainless tard or as it happens most of the times with 3 of them.

How do I think that this change in the tribunal is going to improve the gameplay?
I think that that kind of change will be able to counter the so called "Elo hell" since as it is discussed in other threads, many good players are stuck there only because they are unlucky enough to get feeders, leavers, TROLLS and guys that just wana try some char in their teams. Most of my loses are just because I get a guy that just wana troll someone and lose a game because he doesn't give a **** about his elo. And when the tribunal is not spammed with tons of useless cases, the chance to punish the guys who really hurt the gameplay will be way bigger than now.

Thank you for reading I hope that my suggestion would help to make League of Legends even better game!

P.S. I'm using this account because I'm a player in eune server and this post was originaly posted there but I think that here it has bigger chance of being noticed and I really think that this suggestion would improve the game and it is worth being considered!