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Suggestion - Marker flares on ping locations

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Senior Member


Well, ^title pretty much. Anyone who's played WoW will know what I'm talking about (and I know several Reds do/did).

A small location marker on the site of the ping for the whole team to see - short duration, 2~3 seconds or so? The utility would be to alert to both friendly and enemy incoming long range skillshots with precision - such as "I just fired my Arrow, it's gonna hit there - try to pin him on that spot", or "Ezreal just ulted there, get out of there". It can even double up as a way to request wards / CV / traps on a specific spot, you name. It might be nearly useless for competitive play, but would be kinda handy for the other 99% of the community I guess.

Any takers? :P

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Lord Vander



Would love this, although not top priority it's a nice addition. Makes long-range skillshots much better in random teams without ts, and makes sentences like "ima ult right behind his towers" shorter/unnecessary.

Not sure if it should be a 3rd ping option or integrated in the normal ping though...