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Commenting on ESL Commentary

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@ Phreak, hang up the commentary mic, for the love of god hang it up. You are a brilliant ambassador for the game, and your enthusiasm is amazing - but hearing you explain things by saying 'the ability use is really nice' or hearing yet another rant about how much you loves Teemo (or Kat) is excruciating. Your co-host is very good, and suffered in silence as you butchered player's names i.e. xpeke...which the your co-host consistently pronounced correctly (and perhaps had the good nature not to correct). Your commentary is however much better than Zenon's who on every given occasion will watch the solo top free farm instead of keeping tabs on where the junglers are when they position for ganks.

Phreak keep rocking the interviews etc: but step back on commentary till you get the hang of it, because your co-hosts are consistently putting you to shame.