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How long it takes to get a good game?

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oO Undersky Oo

Senior Member


How many games do you need to play to get an actual good, fun and enjoyable game?

Im on my third and still no good game.

Game #1

Bot feeds top enemy Talon 7 death in 10min, tank didn't want to tank, instead he jungled the whole game. Surrender at 20.

Game #2

After overextending and dying with a 1-4 score our Sonna announces she wants to leave, and she did leave. Surrender at 20.

Right now its 40 minutes of not being able to play a enjoyable game.

I don't know about you but time is precious and 40 minutes is a lot, it sucks to waste so much time and have no fun because of leavers, feeders and griefers.

There should be a rule that separate feeders from non-feeders and leavers from non-leavers.

Leavers should only be able to play with other leavers, same to feeders, we all deserve to have a good game and have fun without wasting 40mins trying to get it just to surrender at 20.