Quick overview of Jungle Cassiopia

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Ive read several guides which are out of date and/or suggest really odd things. So I decided to try it out, and wanted to share notes with others who might find it interesting.

I am NOT AN EXPERT and would love to hear improvements, etc. But this might save you some time if starting from scratch.

* Surprisingly fast jungler
* Fast Ganker
* Offers a magical-damage/AP/ranged alternative to typical jungler.

* Weak health.
* Doesn't really want to cross paths with a melee jungler.

* Jungle Speed - Cass has two DoT AoE effects which makes clearing small monsters very quick and efficient. Her spammable Tooth thing takes down large monsters quickly.
Miasma at rank 1 for example poisons creeps for 8 seconds at 25 damage per second!!

* Ganking - Cass has the following advantages, compared to a usual melee with gapcloser.
a) RANGE. She engages at 850 range and autoattacks at 550. Enemy can't just flash out of melee and escape.
b) Her Noxious Blast SPEEDS HER UP. Free ghost-effect on-hit to ensure you can keep up with them as they run.
c) Her Miasma SLOWS them, lasts 7 seconds, and gives visibility in the bush. The visibility is particularly nice.
d) Her spells are skillshots. She can target baddies IN THE BUSH as they run.
e) Besides her poison, she deals insane damage with a 0.5 cooldown targeted 800 range nuke after poisoning them once.
f) Her Ult stuns/slows and provides a powerful finisher or initiator
g) She can do quite a bit of damage without comitting. A Xin at 700 range that can't quite Charge is useless. Cass can deliver significant damage even if they escape, thus forcing them B. I think she is better at securing a lane advantage than most junglers.


red - ???. I take magic penetration, but this does nothing for your jungling since they have 0 MR. In theory AP would work here but that would require a special runepage and not be THAT much better anyways.

yellow - flat armor. This should be a given, but no health,etc. Get dat armor.

blue - flat AP. She doesn't need CDR and magic resist doesnt help jungling. You may wish to still run MR, but if you have the flat AP try that first even though AP isn't very efficient.

quints - flat AP. AP Quints are actually quite efficient at 5 AP each.


21-9-0. Take the +4 starting AP, smite bonus, CDR and all AP/magic dmg related items.
Take 3 in armor, 2 in damage reduction from creeps, 3 in magic resistance, 1 in bladed armor.

These could probably be tweaked but I wanted to stay fairly true to her most useful masteries (i.e. offense AP), without doing a triple-tree thing.

Start with CLOTH and 5 potions.
Get boots.
Grab Hextech Revolver. This is your "wriggles" for sustain.
Upgrade to sorc shoes.
Get a Chalice. This GREATLY helps deal with mana issues, plus cheap early magic resist boost.
Get Giant's Belt. This toughens you up significantly.
Upgrade to Rylais Scepter for the slow, health, AP.
Upgrade to Will of Ancients for sweet aura-ey goodness.
Get NLR and upgrade to Deathcap for AP boost.
You can sell the cloth for a voidstaff or whatever or upgrade it to an Aegis or Guardian Angel.


Start at blue. Take Noxious Blast(Q). Ask for a good leash where they get in multiple hits. Smite/Blast hopefully without taking any damage.
You level up. Take Miasma. Consider ganking top depending on the matchup and escape mechanisms of top. They normally expect jungler to get redbuff first. Youve got a slow, speedup, and range.

Walk right up to the wolves. Its best to click in middle of wolves before you can see them. Then drop Miasma and NoxBlast in the middle of them and autoattack the big wolf.
This is how you do creeps. DO NOT engage from a distance because they will run outside your miasma zone. With 2 AoEs they will drop fast. You can kite the big one after miasma wears off but dont reset it!

Go to wraiths and do the same thing. Especially on wraiths since the big one stays put and the 3 rush you. Much better to walk into the middle and drop your 2 AoEs.

2 golems are tough. Same deal. Walk up, miasma/NB them. Refresh NB. When miasma is down start kiting them by poison and run as you autoattack over shoulder.

You will level. Take TOOTH(E) over NB and miasma. I recommend maxing Tooth over the other two. . NB/miasma leveling adds about +10 damage per second, vs +35 or more for tooth. This makes killing big monsters much quicker and makes your ganks more deadly.

Go to red. Do the same 2 AoEs, autoattack red, smite red, spam your Tooth inbetween autoattacks, then kite when miasma is done by moving away while NB and tooth.

You should be able to do this and be at FULL HEALTH to gank, either bottom or mid.

Please practice this vs bots before trying for real!! Her jungle is pretty tricky and you absolutely need to be at full health or close to it when done with the jungle run.


Once you get Hextech revolver, you wont need heal pots anymore which is nice. I put hextech as your first item for this reason...it saves a lot of gold. Same principal as wriggles.

The chalice wont totally solve your mana issues but it really really helps! I find it much better than taking multiple Dorans like you would in lane. Catalyst is fine too but chalice will keep you jungling much much better due to its insane MP5 rate, and the MR is a pretty big deal.

You can do whatever you want, buildwise but Ive found this works well for me. I am making the assumption that you won't be able to hog bluebuff the entire game, which may or may not be true.

I recommend smartcasting your Tooth (E). Heres the easy way to do it: Bind your ALT key to Smart Selfcast. This means you can hold down Alt (with your thumb) and click to cast. If its a heal or the like, it will heal any ally moused over...otherwise it will heal you.
So it works the same way you might be used to using ALT key. Except that you can use it for Ryze, Cass, etc as a smartcast button too.

Sure, you can use Shift, but that is really clumsy to me. I can easily bend my thumb and get to Alt to hold it down easily without moving my fingers. Shift with pinky? Not so much.