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Questions about Beta server and new Beta account

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I have a list of questions about the email I got regarding the Beta..
Oh, and before you read on, this is my first time ever participating in a beta of any kind, soo im sorta lost. any help would be appreciated!!

1- Is this a closed Beta? or an open beta for all players?
2- What is the point of making a new account for the beta? Does this mean i have to start from level 1 again?
3- The account i DID create has the same name and everything as my original, so will that affect my in-game stats at all or anything? If it doesn't do anything, then what was the point of making a new account in the first place?
4- When i got the option to download the LOLPBE.zip it came up as a zipped/winRAR file. MY only experience with winRARs and .zips are from old ISO/CSO PSP hacking stuff and that was just simple copy-paste to my card. Do i need to extract these files? Where do they go? What do i do with them?
4.1- Why do i need to download another LoL client to participate in the Beta when i already have one?
5- How will i know if i am playing in the beta testing? is there a separate server for it?
6- When/If i do download the LOLPBE, will i have a separate LoL client to play on? or will it work for my regular client?
7- Besides looking for bugs in the game, what is the point of a beta testing?
8- After i download the LOLPBE, what do i do? Will downloading this immediately change my LoL experience?
9- How long will this Beta last? Does this mean i can't play in normal servers anymore?
10- I have a free version of winRAR that i downloaded years ago and i would have to save the file, and then extract it to a source... but like is that what im supposed to do? Basically just how do i get started and how do i download this?

** Again, any help answering these questions would be greatly appreciated**