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Hard Bots?

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I will admit it right off the bat: I am not a competetive player. I do not enjoy the tension that ranked gaming brings and I do not particularly like higher level play because it feels so systematic. Instead, I like playing with my friends (who are also not very into competitive play) against bots.

So far, we've had a great time because of the laid-back, anything-goes nature of the Co-Op vs. AI games, but we were wondering if there was any word on whether or not Riot might introduce Hard Bots (or Insane Bots if one was feeling masochistic).

We were also wondering if they might start incorporating some of the newer champs into Bot play. We think that it'd be fun to have to face down Rumbles, Vaynes, or Skarners.

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They'll update the bots in the next patch, watch the video preview.