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Is it okay to modify your in game cursor?

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Dizzy Soul



I have always had a real hard time using the in game mouse cursor, especially the red targeting and sword cursors, because they match the red bars on the enemy team and a lot of other red elements on the screen. They blend in very well, and I often find myself losing sight of the cursor, and getting killed.

So I recently found a really cool guide on how to change your mouse cursor, and it works great! My mouse cursor now is now much easier to see, and if I lose sight of it during the action, it's very easy to find again. The small guide can be read here:


Now I've read in previous forum posts that this seems to be okay with Riot, and that they might be implementing an in game way to change the cursor in the future. But I would like to make doubly-sure that this is okay, so I'm putting this out there to see if other people and Riot will comment on it, and give it a seal of approval.

I also want to share this information with other people, especially those who are color blind, who are having problems with the red/green cursor color scheme, and are constantly losing sight of the cursor during fights.

Some screen shots of my new cursor:

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Client-side modification that does not impact any other player in the game is undetectable and generally acceptable.

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Senior Member


Bumping this for awesomeness.

I've always had the same problem as well. It doesn't happen very often, but more often than I'd like I find myself in a team fight only to lose sight of my cursor and I'll die while flailing around the screen hectically trying to find it. The thing is practically camo.