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@rjcombo Surrender Button Change

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You need to do something about the surrender button.

1) Now it pops up almost in the middle of your screen when you're in team fights.
2) It's way too big. Why would it matter if it showed that you said yes or no? You should kinda already know what you said.

Here's my proposal: Make a yes or no button pop down from your score on the top right. After you said yes/no then it goes back up and shows little bars to see how the vote is going. Or you don't even need to show how many people voted yes until final count. Usually people don't consider what they want to do and just cave into the pressure.

Need some good feedback on this please.

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Much-agreed as to size and placement. It's seriously blocked crucial ability casts by appearing right in the center of the screen.

As for blind-voting ... I dunno; to me, it's somewhat relevant what the team is feeling.

Anyway, they're independent suggestions; whatever I think on the second part, I strongly agree as to making it smaller and putting it up by the scoreboard.

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Chad Warden ABAP

Senior Member


Mine appears above the minimap. Could you clarify the problem you have with a screenshot please?