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General Balls

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If you haven't got Armour Seals, I'd say don't touch the buffs on your first Jungle run. Do Wolves/Wraiths/Golems to level up a bit first, blue pill back to base and buy some more pots (a ward as well if you can afford it). Then go to whichever buff you want most (usually it's Blue), kill it (remembering to smite circa 500 health), and decide whether you can gank a nearby lane then. If not, just farm up more in the jungle.

It's all about experience, and I'm very new myself, but give it a go, mix up your routes/items a bit in a custom game (with no consequences), find something you're comfortable, and then try it out in an actual game. I'm finding it very interesting compared to the old style of sitting in a lane for experience.

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Jungle isnt too bad once u get the basic idea of it. Really the only netural camp that u should be afraid of is the wraiths because of the life steal and the armor they have

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Thanks. I played a few games trying to jungle before and after this guide and I have found that jungling is just not for me. Im gonna try some other aspects to the game...

It's tempting to reject an important role like jungling when you're inexperienced with it, but you should definitely try to work it into your repertoire before you get to a high level. There are times when your team will need a jungle, and at those times you'll want to know how to do it on at least one character. Having a jungle and a solid top solo is definitely stronger than having 2 people in the top lane.

Some champions worth trying include
WW (as mentioned)
Lee Sin

But there's plenty more than can manage it well.