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How do I get wins above losses? (Normal games solo q)

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Honestly, I wasn't aware that people care about normal games. It's where people go to learn a new champ, test a new build, etc. I was under the impression that it's ranked games that matter.

Custom games are the place to "test" things out. I wish there was an insta-ban button for people like you who come in and say "first-time brand" then proceed to feed anyone and everyone.

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I have 300 more wins than losses because I don't solo queue; I queue with friends or people I meet that are good.

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I am currently hovering at around 15 games below losses. It's always win 2, lose 3, win 1, lose 2, win 2..etc. How do I get more consistent wins?

I just want to get a positive W/L ratio. Are there any champs that I can learn to use that give a higher winning percentage?

I am just going to get some givens out of the way to help setup my explanation:
-Normal games have ELO too, it is just hidden
-People want to win normal games
-Communication is key regardless of solo queue
-You get better results with honey than vinegar

A lot of people say just play a carry and carry your way out of something. Honestly I feel that just works when you are clearly better than your opponents. If you at the point where you are not clearly better than your opponents you should resort to playing what will round out your team comp the best.

Learn about good team comps, and fill the empty spots. The pieces generally missing on a team are:
-Non farming Support w/ Clairvoyance
That does not mean you need to play 3 chars. Junglers can also be initiators (Trundle, Udyr, etc.), Supports can also (Taric, Allister, etc.). Filling those gaps add a huge boost to your team.

Team comp is also more than just having all your roles filled. You then need to look for synergy. If the other 4 picks are CC lite, you should pick up a CC variant of the role you're looking to fill.

Communication is key, ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS try to engage your teammates at champion select. Having a good discussion then can save you a lot of headache in game. At least 1 out of the other 4 people will probably respond, and that should create some good synergy if you each pick something with some kind of synergy. Galio + Kennen, Amumu + Morgana, etc.

Always be nice to your teammates even if they are performing poorly. This is the key, even if someone is just bad at the game, being positive helps more than being negative. Making someone feel like **** isn't going to get anyone anywhere. Accept what your team is capable of and try to work around those parameters. This really could be the factor that a close game comes down to. If you bring that positive attitude to a game, you can lift the spirits of your team. Instead of after you give up an ace saying:
1) "wth amumu why didn't you ult sooner?"
2) "**** that was close 3 for 5 isn't so bad, next time amumu, cast your ult a bit sooner, I think we can take them"
You convey the same message with a better tone, and it is more likely that a player would act upon 2 and not 1.

Never Surrender you'd be surprised how many games you can turn around with a positive attitude. If you care more about your ratio than actual games played, then never give a game away for free. Even if it is 4v5, I'd say you turn around at least 1 out of 20 4v5s you are in.