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The Best Shaco Guide You Will Read

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Guide at a glance:

Slow Solo Shaco

long sword/red pot
long sword>phage
boots 1
vamp scepter
vamp scepter + pick axe> bilge water
phage>frozen mallet
situational defense item (sfire cape, aegis, BV)

Kickass Klone Guides

long sword/red pot
vamp scepter
boots 1
recurve>pick axe> bloodrazor
Opposition DPS heavy? sfire cape/Starks
Caster heavy? aegis, BV, Wits end or GA
You have solid support? Starks/SoD
Have you been feeding, want to stop and still make a positive contribution to your team? go aegis then soul shroud (only if you have a hard carry and you are being held down hard)

Explanations and further instruction included in full guide below.

I've put off writing this guide for a while for fear that some of the aspects of Shaco have gone overlooked and would be nerfed if brought to the attention of the masses. I've decided that I've had my fun and it’s time to share just how ridiculous Shaco really is.


I have over 200 w's with Shaco as he is my main and I feel that I have a pretty good handle on him. I have 20 triple kills and a quad kill so believe me when I say you can take on teams with some of these builds. Through my experiences I have learned that there is no cookie cutter way to build Shaco and have him succeed in all circumstances. I have, however, found that there is a Shaco for every circumstance.

Summoner Spells

I take exhaust/ignite as they synergize well with Shaco's other spells. The exhaust slows so you can back stab as well as reduces armor while ignite can be great for that last bit of damage and the extra ap helps early for jungling with the boxes.

Other spells to consider would include
Cleanse: great for escaping/ getting the last few hits in that would have been misses otherwise as you will be doing massive amount of damage w your auto attack
Flash: bit of overkill imo but it makes you that much harder to kill/get away from
ghost: see above with slightly more chasing ability


I run a 21/9/0 set taking the crit chance, improved exhaust, attack speed, improved ignite, sunder, +minion damage, plus damage, plus crit damage and havoc in the offensive while taking the magic resist, dodge, and nimbleness in the defensive tree.


I run flat hp quints, armor pen red, dodge yellows, and flat cdr blues. Pretty standard stuff


Check out the other team. Analyze what characters they have taken along with the summoner spells to get a pretty good idea of the role that they plan on playing with the team. Try to notice who has cleanse. Its mad frustrating when you blow exhaust/ignite on someone only to see it instantly cleansed. Also notice who is on your team. Do you have good support? Are you running mad deep in the cc department? Is there a hard carry on your team such as jax or tryn? All things to notice and keep in mind as it will affect your game play.


1 jitb
2 deceive
3 jitb
4 shiv
5 jitb
6 ult
7 jitb

After maxing jitb, ult>deceive>shiv
This allows you to maximize your farming potential. Also, the fear on jitb gets longer which will help getting those early kills.

Start of Game

I know that I said that this was a guide that will depend on what’s happening around you, but no matter what, you will start every game the same. You will buy a long sword and a red pot and go get golem by laying traps outside of where he spawns. If you are playing a TT game, go through woods and lay traps to the north of lizard by the path to your side. If the other team comes after you have lain 3-5 traps, your team gets first blood. If they don't, your team gets lizard. Its win win. So after you get fb/lizard/golem, go and dominate your lane with the buff/extra gold. Be sure to lane w someone who is comfortable soloing as you won't be in lane for very long. Stay in lane until you get 1050 gold. Then blue pill.
There is talk that the recent patch has bugged JitB. A fine gentleman by the name of ZRoE has worked a way around the bugs for early-game buff killing!
http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=133042 (http://There is talk that the recent patch has bugged JitB. A fine gentleman by the name of ZRoE has worked a way around the bugs for early-game buff killing!)

This is where your build may vary.

Many players believe that Shaco should be able to kill without his clone. I am a huge proponent of making his clone as beefy as possible, allowing you to kill any 2 or 3 players on the other team. A build that doesn't rely on his ult and will also help your team out if it is lacking cc is the;

Slower than Gary Coleman running the hurdles (too soon?)

Turn that long sword into a phage and pick up boots 1. You should go and clear out the jungle. Control the buffs, get your team dragon, and most importantly be mia to the other team. If you see a fight break out, go to it, deceive in, drop jitb, and turn the fight in your favor. Make sure to keep an eye on the lane that you left so you don’t lose an early tower. Buy a ward and drop it by the lane you left, outside of either dragon or baron. This will insure that the solo won’t get picked on and may score you an easy kill if there is a ww on the other team. When you blue pill next, pick up mercs, a vamp scepter, and a pick axe. If you can’t buy all of that, the items are listed in order of importance. You can see where I'm going with this. The bilge water blade is to be completed next. You now have 4 slows and a disable. If people are getting away from you, you are doing something wrong.

Kills should go something like this; Deceive, place jitb at targets exit, exhaust, auto attack. They are slowed by exhaust and perhaps the auto attack. Continue to auto attack as they run through your trap. If they are still running, throw shiv, activate bilge water and you should have no problem finishing them off with some auto attacks and one last deceive.

Finish up your frozen mallet and then grab a defensive item based on who on the other team is giving you some trouble. You have decent damage, a ton of cc, and decent survivability. This is generally not a carry build, but provides great support for that jax/tryn/hard carry and allows you to make larger contributions to team fights.

Kick @ss Klone Guides

The rest of my builds utilize your ult to its max potential. This segment is relative for the remaining builds

After you blue pill with your 1050g, buy madreds and vamp scepter and go clear out the jungle. You can kill dragon at lvl 4 w this build + either buff and you should. Control the buffs and keep the lanes in check, ganking at every opportunity available. When a tower goes down, people tend to decide that it’s time to leave their lane and go mid to try to push it. A lane should never be left empty. Your madreds, jitb, image makes you a pushing machine. Let your 4 team mates D mid at their tower while you solo push a lane. You will get yelled at. Ignore them. Free farm as long as the other team lets you. When you get to a tower, drop a jitb, ult, and take it down. If the opposing team comes, simply deceive over the wall and drop a jitb in the path of where you think they will chase you. They will generally have to send at least 3 to actually kill you and even then they have to have good cc's.
So you have farmed and farmed hard. Your next job in life is to finish that bloodrazor. Yes before you upgrade boots. The bloodrazors 4% life per hit goes to your clone as well. This along with the attack speed and damage makes this THE Shaco item. After you complete this, finish your boots which 90% of the time should be mercs. This is where the build branches off.


From here all you will need is red/green elixirs. Try not to leave base without them if you can afford it. Before they wear off they will either pay for themselves with kills or you will win the game. This is generally all I end up with when playing TT games because of their short length.


Take a look at the other team.

Are they DPS heavy? Go ahead and build that sun fire cape. You should be able to farm like a madman with this. If the game goes long enough turn that vamp scepter into a Starks. The AS/life steal stacks when you ult. You can out DPS any 2 chars at this point and practically take on entire teams.

Are they fairly balanced? Build an aegis. When you ult, you get the aura twice which is quite a nice bump to your defense.

If the opposing team is super caster heavy and the aegis just isn’t cutting it, spring for a banshees. It's hilarious to watch them unload all of their spells on your image and have it continue to bash them in the face with his shivs. Wits end also is a viable option as it gives mana depletion and AS to you and your clone along with some magic resist. This is very situational, however, with the growing number of characters that don't utilize mana

Going up against a tank heavy team? Tank killer Shaco is one of my favorite builds. Build a black cleaver. Your image will be stripping armor as well. Tanks will initiate thinking that they will have some time to drop their disables/cc, soak up damage and get out. They are wrong. You will melt them hard. Everyone always says that the tanks shouldn't be targeted until last and this is generally a good rule. However, go ahead and take out both of their tanks when they try to iniate if you can do it quickly. Even if you die, there is no way that your team should lose the team fight 4v3 when the enemy has no tank. If the game goes long enough, turn your scepter into an executioners calling as tanks will tend to have heals.

Have you been struggling and don't want to continue to feed but still want to be a contribution to your team? Build an aegis and follow it up with a soul shroud. I’ve never had to resort to this, but the cool down/mana aura stacks on you so you should be able to provide your team w defense, reduced cool downs, and a spammable aoe disable

Are you dominating early, appear to be your teams carry, and have 1 or more solid support chars on your team? Good. You should. This is where he gets fun. After madreds build a Starks and then a SoD. Your AS/life steal/armor pen is outrageous and on top of that both you and your ult are dishing out 4% of health per hit and an extra 100 damage every 4th hit you are officially in face melting mode. Remember what I said, however. This is only a viable build if you have a morg, shen, soraka, and/or kayle and preferably 2 of the chars listed.

You'll notice that even though malady helps both you and the image, I failed to include it in any of my guides. That’s because there is no way that it is better than a Starks. Pick it up if you are really struggling or maybe on the @ss end of one of the support/tanky builds.

You'll notice that Shaco rocking aura items is very beneficial for him. While you are building them to make you better, you are also contributing the auras to your team and this is extremely beneficial. This means that even if you've had a very poor game, your K/D ratio is awful, and you just can't do the damage to dominate the opposing team you are still a positive asset to the team just by being around them.

Tips that I've found useful

Control your clone with alt. Get used to this. It can net you a kill or save your life

If your escape route is blocked and you are going to become visible before you escape, ult. You will not become visible, but your clone will. Pray that they waste their spells/cc's on your image allowing you to scamper away.

Ulting makes you invulnerable for a quick second. Try to time this to dodge devastating spells or interrupt channeling spells such as fiddles drain. It is worth noting that deceiving and going invis does NOT stop the drain until you are out of his range.

Use your traps to blow up Teemo's traps everytime you see him lay one. Your trap dies, but its totally worth it. Similarly, if you know that you are playing against a AP (aka garbage) Shaco, go ahead and drop a box in the brush around your lane. It will set off his nest and he will have wasted both time and mana. If there isn't a nest, it acts as a temporary ward.

If you get low on life early, you can stay in the field and save your tower by putting a jitb right in front of the tower. Your box will fear the minions while the tower is beating on them, then tank it until your minion reinforcements arrive.

On TT, you can solo the lizard at lvl 3 if you have your laned pushed. Just drop a box behind Grez, attack it, then he'll turn around to attack your box giving you your backstab bonus. When he starts to attack you, use that red pot and you should have no problem taking him down after using your jitb again once its off cd.

If you went with SoD, deceive, drop your box, then activate it before backstabbing. The extra armor pen+deceive is redonk.

Buffs reveal which of you is the real one after you ult. This isn't a bad thing when you can count on your clone for auras/massive dps. Try to have a buff on you when you enter skirmishes so that you can "tank" for your clone. Make sure to hold alt and attack who you are auto attacking so that your image continues to attack/chase if you do die.

List of items that both you and your clone profit from:

SoD (extra 100 damage every 4th hit)

Madreds bloodrazor (the 4% health per hit)

Black Cleaver (image strips armor as well)

Sun fire cape (both you and your image do the aoe damage)

Aegis of the legion (the aura stacks on you when you ult)

Banshee's Veil (blocks spell on your image; hilarious to see a caster drop all of their
spells on your IMAGE only to have him continue to bash them in the face w his shivs)

Soul Shroud (mana regen and cdr stack when you ult)

Starks fervor (AS and life steal stack on you when you ult, just AS to your image)

Guardian Angel (procs on your clone every time you ult. great for backdooring. Also, if your image dies at the exact moment that it’s supposed to expire, it will revive and will have no expiration timer. You can ult again while he is out. Very difficult to do and this glitch may have been fixed since I've done it (did it on accident).

Malady (the on hit effect stacks w your ult) (still garbagey compared to Starks)

Mind games to play

Shaco is all about mentally breaking your opponents. One of my favorite things to do is to toy with my opponents. After you get a kill, especially if you come out of no where and kill them before they get a chance to do anything, type in /all chat, "that was really close". This seems trivial, but if you continue to do this every time you either kill them or get away from a 3 man gank you will drive them to anger, which often breeds stupidity. This means that when they come for you, they will often chase too far or initiate too quickly often leading to their demise. Bottom line is you shouldn't be flaming them, calling them poor players, but rather just rattle their cage a bit.

They send 3 after you because you are solo pushing a lane so you blink over a wall, drop a box in their chase path and get away? Just type /all "next time, id send 5". Just score a double kill with you and your best friend (your image)? /all "taste the chain". Just score that tripple kill? /all "I'm surprised you can fit all that chain in your mouth". Grab that legendary 4v1 quad kill? (I only have 1 of these) /all "Chain gang bang" This allows for the classic scenario where they are chasing you because you have 100 hp left, while they have a solid 800. You decieve backwards behind them, drop a jitb, wait so jitb will activate, crit from behind, jitb goes off, you auto attack ftw only to scamper away only to say /all "chain" (late game scenario). Rage quit will generally ensue.

Another technique that I have often enjoyed comes into play when you are playing against another Shaco. Before writing this guide I saw very few people utilize this build, and I would almost always dominate other Shacos (especially AP ones and ones named Crabs). Everytime you kill them, make a helpful suggestion from this guide, preferably about their build. Be very nice about it like you are ligit trying to help them out. 2 things can happen. Either they are new with the toon and will appreciate the suggestions (in which case in the victory screen send them the link to this guide), or they will rage and rage hard. People playing LOL don't seem to like to listen to opinions that aren't their own. This will lead them to focus and attempt to kill you every chance they get. I will tell you right now, killing Shaco with Shaco isnt easy, especially one with this build. They will over commit and end up dead, at which point you simply give them another suggestion to help them impro
With both of these thechniques, don't swear or call them names. You aren't trying to make your opponent feel bad about themselves, you are simply trying to alter their mood to make them more aggressive. Go ahead and be creative but try not to be mean or offensive, no one likes a jerk that just goes too far (ie Gary Coleman running the hurdles).

Once you have a good grasp of Shaco and this guide, something that I like to do is make the opponent appologize after the first time they kill you. He won't. Thats ok. Lane, jungle, and gank as you normally would. Don't pay him special attention until you have farmed your bloodrazor. It is now go time. Every chance you get, go gank him. If your gank attempt fails, go clear the woods and then come back and gank him again. After every time you kill him, ask him to appologize. He still won't. After the 3rd or so time you kill him or attempt to, he will buy an oracles. This is a good thing. He just spent 400g because you are in his head. Grab a teammate with some cc and kill him, wasting his 400g. He generally won't buy another oracles right away, but if he does, smile, grab that ccing teammate, rinse, and repeat. By now if you have killed him 3 times or and he had oracles one of those times, he will hate you. As long as you team hasn't been feeding him or he isnt just better than you, he is yours. Kill/harass him when it is convenient, but be sure that you don't forgot that your first objective is to win. In team fights you are still to take down their carry asap, then blink out and bide your time so you can finish up the stragglers. Don't make the mistakes that he is making in focusing on the wrong guy too much because of a personal vendetta. The guy who you singled out, however, isnt going to remain a team player and will more often than not just gun for you which is an advantage to your team.
You have to be careful with this, however, as you will occasionally do it to the wrong person and it can be a very long game when you are being held down and berated by the sleeping pro who you've accidentally awakened.

Things never to do with Shaco

Build him AP. You can't do it so you have the sustainable DPS that this guide offers. It also takes away from Shacos amazing pushing/farming abilities. The builds that this guide outlines are on the expensive side of the spectrum and Shaco being able to take a lane faster than 2 or 3 other heros allows this to be viable. Trap nests last for a min and a half and have a 20 sec cd to lay. If people are smart you will get maybe a kill from this.

Buy berserker grieves. Seriously. Don't. I’ll find you and kill you, then kill myself and come after you to kill you again. If this isn't possible, I hope it is but just really hard; I will make your after life as uncomfortable as possible and do everything in my power to keep you from going to whatever heaven/happy dead place you happen to believe in.

Questions I know I'm going to get

Q: Why do you go AS instead of Damage? Shacos crit is awesome!
A: Excellent question. Since I stack on hit effects that both you and your clone dish out, I want to be able to get as many of those effects on the enemy as fast as possible. Also something to consider is that your clone does a % of the damage that you deal, but has the same attack rate. AS clone does significantly better dps than damage

Q: Why is there no AP in your guide? Not even a sheen?
A: Sheen is garbage late game, lets the enemies know which one is the real you after you ult, and would only delay you getting your bloodrazor. AP shacos contribution to team fights is minimal. If i were to write an AP guide for Shaco, which i would never do, i would have him get a tome of the ancients or w/e its called and a soul shroud so that he can at least make his team a little better (its going to have to be because its practically 4v5).

Q: How can Riot have allowed Shaco's image all of these OP buffs?
A: I have no idea, but i would utilize/abuse the poop out of it until they nerf him. Which, unfortunately, they probably will.

Q: If this build is so dominate, why doesn't everyone play Shaco this way?
A: I'm going to assume its because the masses have remained ignorant to just how OP Shaco's ult can be.

Q: When your ult is on CD, aren't you completely useless?
A: Absolutely not. you don't need to ult when you are fighting a 1v1 or 2v2 battle to win. Your damage output with your deceive and bloodrazor is great and you have decent survivability because of your life steal/jitb disable/miss chance that is induced by your shiv. You do need your ult in team fights, however there is almost never more than 1 team fight every 70 seconds (your ults cooldown). Just make sure that your team is committing to the fight before ulting so you dont end up wasting it. Another option is to simply choose not to fight if its on cd. With Shaco this is as simple as deceiving away and dropping a jitb so they can't chase.

Q: This guide is amazing, how can I ever thank you for writing it?
A: A simple thumbs up will suffice. Although naming your first born child Kuhl so that he could one day be a Kuhl kid would also work. Think of what I could do with an army of minions
edit: I wouldn't be opposed to accepting some riot points so I could buy the new Shaco skin...

I have played over 300 games with Shaco and have over 200 wins, however I'm not going to claim that I know everything there is to know about him. If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE comments, questions, or suggestions i would gladly go over them and have no problem altering my guide.
Sorry about the length, but I wanted to be as thorough the @ss raping that the guide will bring to anyone who crosses Shaco.

I found a great set of mini guides for Shaco that I wanted to include on oneironaut's guide to shaco, which is great a great guide if you are completely unfamiliar with Shaco and are unsure of anything that I mentioned in this guide. I included a link to it.

Nico's guide to Jungling
ZRoE's JitB placement for early buffs.
Riot Shurelia's Zoning guide.
Here is a discussion of the current bugs Shaco has. A quick read may prove helpful.
iwaffle's discussion of weapon mage talks of using on hit effects

Special thanks to Greendale, Crabs, Sorabji, and AryanBarbarian for helping me with the guide and playing support chars through those 300 games

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Shameless bump

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Wow. Great guide. I can really tell that you put some time and effort into this. I wish I could put something like this together

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+1 good guide
i was expecting some new strategy when i read" best shaco guide" though
i mean, bloodrazors and starks on shaco is no secret.

you also did not mention guardian angel as a viable defensive item. the ressurect works on his clone but it will not explode twice.

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No mention of Wit's End on Shaco vs. a mana-heavy/1-2 caster carrying team? I've only tried it out a couple times, but it really helped me tear up the enemy Annie like woah.

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great points. I will edit to include both wits end and GA, however I'm not a huge fan of the wits end because of the number of characters that dont utilize mana. In the right circumstances, however, I agree that it would fit into this build nicely. Thanks

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Im sorry :[ i just read a better Shaco guide

Not that yours is bad, the other was... better

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Im sorry :[ i just read a better Shaco guide

Not that yours is bad, the other was... better

Any suggestions or tips to make mine better? This is my first guide and any feedback that would help to make this the best shaco guide would be appreciated

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Nope yours was very good to be honest

You cover alot of ground, you leave yourself open to change [ala no THIS IS THE BEST AND ONLY WAY]

You even awnser some of the basic questions, that people may have

VERY VERY GOOD GUIDE, i want to let you know that :]

I even uprated your guide

The other one just was very comprehensive, ill link it for you http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=133052

Again; your guide was awesome. One of the better guides ive read, and ive read many many guides [sometimes i tr00l the forums and read them lol]

Keep it up :]

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Thanks for showing me that guide. I included a link to it and some of the links that it included, giving him credit for rounding them up, of course =P