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[Official] List of NA forum-active reds

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Jozrael Sucks



-This thread is still missing a few names. Apologies for the inconvenience. -
Last updated: 1/21/14 -- 7:22 PM PST.

If you're looking for a specific post, use this link to view all recent posts made by a user. (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/search.php?do=process&showposts=1&exactname=1&searchuser=Name) Simply replace "Name" at the end of the URL with their username.

...the link is both whitespace and case sensitive, if you were to search for 'panzerfaust', then you wouldn't find any of my posts; you need to use 'Panzerfaust'.

*Note: Red accounts with champion names (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3247586) used solely for marketing or lore are omitted.

President - Tryndamere
CEO - Ryze
VP of Special Projects - RiotFluf
Special Projects Manager - Kry0
Project Coordinator - [i]Riot MilkManiac
Vice President, Technology - Scott Thru The Heart

Country Manager - Oceania - MasterMirkinen

Director of Player Experience - Pendragon
Collegiate Community Coordinator - RiotJaws
Community Manager - Xin it to Win it
Community Programs Manager - JD 2020, StillRampant
Community Coordinator - Aklaen, Nikasaur, Opti, Riot Condor, RiotMsPudding, RiotQuetzalcoatl
Social Media Coordinator - Riot Hitstreak
Social Media - RiotGenzer
German Community Coordinator - Saergi
Community Assistant- RiotAether, Vesh

International Community Coordinator - RiotMixdj
European English Community Coordinator - RiotYmir
European Community Manager - Demorphic, leoliolip
Polish Community Coordinator - Rahares
Brazilian Community Specialist - RiotLuqi

Web Content Manager - Monkey Wrangler
Web Content Specialist - Average Gatsby
Web Content Editor - ByronicHero
Web Content Assistant - K0sent0

LAN Center Program Coordinator - martlet
Forum Administrator - RiotRomulus
Fansite Program Manager - Aurum
Recruiter - Princess Aura, Riot Lelu
Player Communications - Riot Pwyff

Champion Herald - RiotWenceslaus

People Operations Coordinator - Discord
People Programs - RiotSumosue
Recruiting Coordinator - RiotCupcake, Riot Chezai
Training Manager - Riot KennyChuck

Art Director - RiotNarsil
Lead Effects Artist - RiotTroyzilla
VFX Artist - Riot DudeBro
Associate VFX Artist - Bitsplosion
Senior Artist - RiotDanky, 3PEET
Artist - RoadkillsRevenge
Sr. Concept Artist - Iron Stylus
Concept Artist - alex gonzales, RiotEarp, RiotPenguin, RiotTeaTime, RiotZeronis, The Bravo Ray
Associate Concept Artist - RiotManton
Lead Character Artist - SpaceStallion
Senior Character Artist - Grumpy Monkey, MUERTE TIME
Character Artist - cgsammu, ChaosEidolon
Associate Character Artist - shadowMacuahuitl
Senior Environment Artist - Kilmourz, RiotDesertRose, RiotForScience, RiotOtown
Environment Artist - Riot Nightblue
Splash Artist - RiotSilver
Concept/Splash Artist - Coldburger
Associate Visual Designer - Riot Whimsy

Art Production Coordinator - fafafafrani
2D Production Artist - *Knockmaw (http://www.emmacomiconline.com/)
Art Producer - Deacon
Associate Art Producer - Riot Shamurai
3D Game Artist and Animator - Psyoung
Technical Artist - RiotVitzkrieg, Riot JxE
Associate Technical Artist - Drachis

Animation Director - RiotBamDragon
Senior Animator - Ohmikegoodness, RiotCaptainLx, Shoquistador
Animator - RiotLamz, 2Mosh
Associate Animator - nickstravaganza, Reach4the Skylar, theunderscore13, XrayAlpha
Associate Technical Animator - JesterCapp
Senior Motion Graphics Designer - LiQuiD StRiPeS
Motion Graphics Artist - Kungfu Gopher

Senior UX Designer - Jeffexpress
UX Designer - VonBurgermeister
UI Designer - Boourns, Rayven
UI Artist - RiotRadioblur
Software Engineer - Fruitstrike, Rioting, RiotLobster, RiotMuscleMcBuff, RiotRayanami, RiotSchmick
Associate Flash Engineer - LowPolyCount

Director of QA - Sevenam
Senior QA Lead - RiotBufo the Jig
QA Lead - Ellondil
QA Strategist - RiotHavoc
Release QA Analyst - RiotPhageQuit
Senior QA Analyst - DucDucGoose, Riot Jaya, Wilwariniel
QA Analyst - Awwww Yeaaaaahh, BrightEyz, daiminatrix, DuckCurry, Icosahedron, ManWolfAxeBoss, JHa, Jozrael, Kismet, PoniesSwagAmilli, Ponts, Riot Taco Storm, Riot Afic, RiotAmes, Riot Baconhawk, RiotDaemon, RiotFpMcgee, RiotGrayswandir, RiotMannie, RiotPi, RiotRectifyer, RiotSpookyDooky, Riot Blackrook, Riot Gharris, Riot Velvet, SmashGizmo, Statikk, ricklessabandon, vLemon
Associate QA Analyst - Anodoin, ANVILANCHE, Riot G Mang, Riot jayway, Riot Pibjub, Riot Navi, Roku, Samwell, Squad5, The Loki
Associate QA Analyst - Gameplay - Kades, Ququroon
Technical Analyst - Damiya
Technical QA Analyst - RiotTerra
Technical Quality Analyst - RiotRorrim

Platform QA Lead - Fuzzyweapon
Platform QA Analyst - ItzMattu
Associate Platform Analyst - Riot Azmodius
Analyst for PVP.net - Riot Exgeniar

Director of Player Support - RiotRich
Player Support Supervisor - Loote
Player Support Lead - V1rtuE
Player Support Lead - Player Behaviour - WookieeCookie
Player Support Operations Manager - RiotBear
Player Support Quality Coordinator - Riot Sol Rex Leo
Player Support Manager - Latin America - omegaryze, Riot Uracan
PS Coordinator - Motamaya
Player Support Specialist - AltCtrlElite, Aurora, BlueFire, Bok, Chewbacha, choochoo, ChronopolisCC, Geist, Hollymonster, Incurable Love, Infinite Veritas, Nicolioliolio, Nossaj, Opeli, Ponies, Riot dArtagnan, Riot DavieB, Riot Sneaky, Riot xShiroix, RIOTakMitsu, RiotBlasto, RiotBrentmeister, RiotCopperKitten, RiotDesrtPaladin Riot Unconkable, Riot xShiroix, Riot Xyanyde, Riot Zephyreal, RivingtonThe3rd, Son Golin, Vendrevard, VuSwag, WallyWalrus
Technical Support Specialist - Eliv, Riot Morgageddon, RiotDecrepit, RiotTyphon
Player Support Special Projects Coordinator - RiotSaori
Special Projects Producer, Player Support - Gicer
Account Support Lead - Lignarius

PS Billing - Mr Ri, Riot Peaches, Riot The Flash
User Experience Designer - Riot RoboLions
Player Experience Assistant - Montag

Lead Web Developer - jmccaffrey
Senior Web Developer - 0pherion, RiotPig, RiotTantram
Web Developer - Fapiko, RiotAaronMike, RiotDarius, RiotNinjaTabby, Zivix
Associate Web Developer - Riot Reinboom
Associate Web/Graphic Designer - Saiyaka
Events Graphic Designer - Sheerness

Graphic Designer - RiotTravisGoetz, Riot Urf, Ryedan
Junior Graphic Designer - Riot Viola

Web Content Manager - Monkey Wrangler
Senior Web Analyst - Evil Viz
Web Content Specialist - NeeksNaman
Web QA Engineer - SuperWes

Sr. Producer, Live Service - CaptSturm
Senior Producer - Riot Ashley, Riot GTez, StevenSnow
Producer - Ace of Trolls, Bellissimoh, Deathstryker78, sixtwo, Status Kwoh, Volibar
Associate Producer - Angry Loft Man, Chager, Eredwethrin, Kantorek, Lomar, Pabro, RavenBeauty, RiotCochese, RiotMindbullets, RiotStallion
Assistant Producer - RiotBatty, RiotLoop, RiotSeb, RyanLaughlin, Riot Hawknet, Safelocked
Product Manager - SaberPrivateer
Assistant Product Manager - Bigbadabruin
Production Intern - RiotVert

Production Coordinator - Nidivre, RiotBrokenSword
Production Assistant - RiotVeonneth, Riot Calad
Technical Production Coordinator - Iniquitee
Technical Producer - FastLoris
Live Design Producer - Veigar
Release Coordinator - Illusia
Content Producer - RiotJeffJew
Video Producer - Tamat

Design Director - Zileas
Lead Designer - Kitae
Lead Champion Designer - Meddler, Morello
Champion Designer - Wrekz
Associate Champion Designer - Fan of Legends, Foev, gypsylord
Senior Game Designer - Rjcombo, Yegg
Game Designer - Coronach, Ezreal, Hephestopheles, HOT NOME ACTION, RiotScruffy, Samizul, Umbrage, Volty, Zeigler, ZenonTheStoic
Associate Game Designer - Breaksteaks, BuffMePlz, Certainlyt, Classick, FeralPony, issfire
Lead Live Designer - Geeves
Live Game Designer - Solcrushed
Live Balance Designer - RiotChun, Scarizard
Live Balance Intern - Wav3Break
Game Systems Designer - Xelnath
Game Design Intern - Riot Exekias

Technical Coordinator - RiotKTGoldwolf, thebigbadtofu
Technical Designer - Brackhar
Associate Technical Designer - Subninja, Xypherous

Game Developer - Guinsoo
Associate Developer - Riot Evo
Gameplay Analyst - Dannamoth, Fale Whale, RiotAthanatos, Riot Janook, RiotRepertoir, RiotShantzilla, Socratocracy
Associate Game Analyst - Jatt
Design Analyst - RoamingNumeral
Development Manager - RiotLindorn
Associate Development Manager - RiotMilkcow
Development Intern - RiotJules

Social Systems/Player Behaviour
Lead Designer of Social Systems - Lyte
Social Systems Designer - Drevarius
Senior User Researcher - Davin
User Researcher - Riot Tiki
Player Behaviour Specialist - Keyru
User Research Intern - Riot Capernoited

Network Operations
Senior Network Ops Technician - Riot Renov8, RiotEvolution
Network Ops Technician - Crower, Dativus, ehhedehera, Filthy Animals, Multra, RiotBulva, RiotJenny, RiotKlover, RiotRival, RiotSuperfoxman, Sick Nate
Network Ops Data Analyst - Glitterdust, Heat Death, Jesse Perring, Xenxar
Service QA - RiotSamm

Senior Release Manager - Riot Natural20
Assistand Release Manager - Riot Kowari

Senior Software Developer - Capo Ferro
Senior Software Engineer - RIOT goliathI3, Yakaru
Software Engineer - Hohums, new scott, RiotPabloNevares, seisgatos
Associate Software Engineer - B1naryV1s10n, RiotBahamut, RiotRetral, TimeForCrime, Wiksy, Zydion

Platform Engineer - AgentX91, omgwhat, Razgriez, RiotKiddington, TastyFresh, Vaurnbarn
Associate Platform Engineer - 321ModelCitizen, Scezumin

Associate Information Security Engineer - RiotGradius

Build Engineer - ElyCyan, RiotSplosion
Core Engineer - Lima Beans
Engineer - WhattayaBrian
Associate Engineer - Asymptote
Game Engineer - Chunkface, Samamayhem
Associate Game Engineer - Jooballin
Senior Web Engineer - Krylhos

Sr LoL Services Engineer - RiotShiminerisa
Senior Animation Engineer - Griftrix
Riot Intern Team - RiotPmac

Sr. Creative Designer - RiotRaven
Creative Designer - Ransom, Riot Entropy
Associate Creative Designer - Harrow, 20thCenturyFaux
Associate Writer - RiotRunaan, Skribbles

Senior Sound Designer - Riot Eno
Sound Designer - Jaywatford
Associate Sound Designer - BelligerentSwan, C3Sound, Riot Kyugene
Associate Audio Engineer - Praeco

Director of IT - Riot LA Decay
Tech Director - banksy
Manager of Desktop Support - MythikWolf
Senior Desktop Analyst - Riot Des
Associate Desktop Analyst - Riot Cezz
Desktop Analyst - Goshzilla, Legit, Monkey Spittle
IT System Engineer - RiotAnonymous

Tools Engineer - SpikedPunchVictim
Associate Game Tools Engineer - Foxious

Director of Marketing - RiotChris
Marketing Manager - MsSassyClassy
Marketing Associate - O2ymandias, RiotTobster, RiotVox
Market Research Associate - RiotJackal
eCommerce Director - Hippalus
eCommerce Manager - DUNKWORLD, Udyr
eCommerce Associate - WizardCrab
PR Manager - Heintzer

Accounts Payable - Riot Girl
Brand Manager - OldManCheung
Associate Brand Manager - MrCrumb
Associate Product Manager - Veruco
B2B Markeeting Associate - RiotFiretiger777

Business Analyst - Acetaminophen
Associate Business Analyst - Riot NeuroCat
Business Development Associate - HungryHungryHobo
Senior Accountant - Riot Blorbie

VP of eSports - RedBeard
eSports Manager - Magus, RiotMarcou, Riot aBhorsen, Riot Nick Allen
eSports Coordinator - Rinoa, RiotRakura, RiotTiza
Senior Spectator Operator - RiotLykaeus
eSports Web Content Specialist - RiotRara
Associate Event Manager - RiotNick
Shoutcaster - Phreak

Lead Systems Administrator - itsfm
Senior Systems Administrator - Agulot, cdeuce, Rincewind, switchninja
Systems Administrator - Riot bunjiboys, RiotSundiata, Riot Terablo
Senior Systems Engineer - Big Yeti
Systems Engineer - Nullsign, Painkillar, Riot Boba, tabernash

Windows System Administrator - RiotKamiyama
Computer Systems Analyst - RiotNova

Network Engineering
Network Engineer - Akov, Foro
Senior Network Engineer - RiotAntares
Associate Network Administrator - GeneralMills, Snugglie

Senior Wrenchman - AmShaegar13, Aregionius, Ispici, SirRFI, Twisted Copi, Wrenchman Golin
Wrenchmen - Ampharel, ARedPoppy, Arkard, Bakuh, BlackSkillz, Boompje, Chesis, CypherousEUW, Domine Kira, Eambo, FingerPrint EU, Hirnwasser, HuntsAlone, Joshin IV, Misshollymonster, Palasit, Postal Twinkie, Reapermaster, Rootzeu, Sam62215, Sir Dialga, Skaj, Solaris Shadow, SynxSpir, WahrEU, y2khippy
Junior Wrenchmen - AllenTheGreat, Aymanh, EUMyler, Funnygamer, Jak Sie W To Gra, Kelv4r, Obstn, Vuxadin

Emissary - Adiat, Adonis, Aerynn, Colloquial, D3Reap3R, DGGt6UCemk6nEUx1, eLoox, EmissaryShadow, EmissaryVen, eXes, Gluecks, hide88, K0sta, Katai, Minanni, Noxywoxy, OEBlooddart, Panzerfaust, Philidia, Poki3, Predicted, RiotTamat, Sephirotica, SilverSoultaker, Sylph, Synatrax, Tirean, Toukichiro, tristany0ung, Varex, Volmort

Huntsman - Candellumin, Cheironn, Crystal Nexus, KamaitachiTrey, Nixodrius, Obscure23, RonaldLoveCraft, Wagons, WMG Xen

The Council - 3141592653589793, 4Not TakashiX, ALth0r, Araneae, Artivas, Beardie, Beck, Ben, Beyond, Big McLarge Huge, Bulgog, cFangNasty, ch33sy, Clutch, Crew, Crs Elementz, Crs SYDTKO, d L0CUST ,DarklordJoseph, DataThrust, Decree, Diggity, DonCalypso, Eclipse, Edwy, Fallen Star, Faultline, Firby, FourCourtJester, Friend, Gamorath, Gfmidway, Guardsman Bob, HB Chan, Indalamar, Inmojo, Invasian, JadenTheBroker, Jeti, Jynx, Kandel, Kanmuk, Khrane, Khristophoros, Korean, Kujaa, lml mike, LoCicero, MachineUSA, Mageol, Man Dinh, Mannan, Marianne, Messiah, Morph, MrGrimm999, Neil Patrick Harris, Nekron, NeoIllusions, Onisnake, Orcasm, Osaft, Owndin, Paragon, Pending, Phiphler, PiousFlea, Skaft, Rabb, Rampagé, Refallen, Reid, Rokudan, Secretwombat, Seraphim, Severus, Shaod, Shirokuma, SleazyWeazy, Sommie, Sprite, Styles, Sylvos, ThaSUPREME, Thordanos, TiredDaemon, TreeEskimo, Tymed, Unversable, Uthgar, Veritas, Viç, Voidykinz, Vorador, Vorath, VoxDissident, Wifeaggro, Xinil, Yordle Stir Fry, Zan, Zgeer

Last edit: 1/21/14 -- 7:22 PM PST.
With the help of Jozrael, I was able to revise and add to this list to include all reds who have posted at least once since September 1st, 2011. Thanks, Jozrael!

Riot Peaches added under Support.
Keyru added under Social Systems/Player Behaviour.
Riot Shamurai added under Art.
Riot The Flash added under Support.
RiotFiretiger777 added under Marketing.
Eliv added under Support.
Riot Evo added under Design.
Riot Tiki added under Social Systems/Player Behaviour.
Riot Girl added under Marketing.
Meddler title changed to Lead Champion Designer from Associate Champion Designer.
Riot Nightblue added under Art.
Riot Lelu added under Community.
RiotSaori added under Support.
Saberprivateer added under Production.
Riot Eno added under Audio.
Foev added under Design.
Riot Exgeniar added under QA.
Riot Hawknet added under Production.
Riot Calad added under Production.
Deacon added under Art.
Riot Boba added under Ops.
Riot MilkManiac added under Leadership.
Riot Kowari added under Network Operations.
ZenonTheStoic title changed to Champion Designer from Assistant Champion Designer.
Summoner name changed to HOT NOME ACTION from NOMENOMENOMENOME.
Riot Gharris added under QA.
Riot Blackrook added under QA.

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QA Analyst

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Nice list, although there is at least one out of date entry. E-mailed ya!

Also, red-stamping a useful thread that didn't get the attention it deserved for the effort it took.

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Marcian Tobay

Senior Member


MasterPlan: Add name to that list.

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Senior Member


Wow, this is a lot of work.

Would be nice if Riot actually took care of this kind of thing though, perhaps somewhere on the website with info about the Rioters (hint hint, wink wink Jozrael)

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Senior Member


is RiotRich ever going to change his name?

also, awesome list.

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Senior Member



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Senior Member


This is good to know, them reds need to be appreciated.

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Senior Member


BlueFire is one. Player Support.

Here's proof so you don't think I'm just making dudes up:

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Senior Member


Missing Ryze ceo and CaptainLx senior animator

Edit: and RiotChris marketing director

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Senior Member


Shouldn't Shurelia/DarkShurelia get an honorary spot?