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[Suggestion] Linked Page-Champion Auto-Selection

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Me and my friend were talking about this: When you select a champion, you should be able to designate one of your rune pages as the default page for that champion, and later whenever you select that champion again it changes rune pages and mastery pages as appropriate.

- Default rune/mastery pages.
-- Would be chosen from the perspective of a champion- probably during champion select- because if it could be chosen from the front-end of the mastery/rune pages, it would be difficult to display anything overlapped- that is, if you had multiple pages for one champion.

This would prevent playing Irelia using Karthus masteries and etc. We've all forgotten several times.

This wouldn't preclude changing your pages back if you needed. You don't have to make use of the system either (just fail to designate defaults for all of your champions). It's an option for the less pro.

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Dred Pyrate

Master Recruiter


Yeah this would be nice.