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How to set up rune and mastery pages for random hero?

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I have been playing a while, but I only know about five heroes despite owning all of them.

So... my idea for how to learn them all is to start playing only random hero on the Dominion map. I figure this will force me to play all the heroes and learn what they can do, and because gold, items, and abilities come quicker on Dominion, I will learn all the heroes faster.

So here's my question... assuming that I have 11 rune pages and 10 mastery pages, how do I set them up so that I can play any hero that I happen to get? I have access to pretty much any rune (got a nice set of rune pages and about 13,000 IP to spend on whatever I'm lacking), how would you set up the rune and mastery pages?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


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24 7 Dubstep

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Jungle can either go

Unless AP shaco jungle then its 9-0-21

Basically those are most common page if your playing AP/AD not tanks
the only thing that matters is like switching stuff in utility for akali cause she doesnt need regen.
or some champs dont use run so u get the death reduction masteries.

Dominion id get Speed Quints Armor Seal MR Glyphs and Armor or Magic Pent Marks. Most standard
there isnt much to change and I use the same page for almost everyone

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the way I started off back in the old days is I have 4 sets.

the way i built them were AP with mana, AP without mana, AD with mana, and AD without mana. thats how I started

for runes I bought were Magic pen and Armor pen Marks, Mana regen and hp regen seals, CDR glyphs, and Armor pen, magic pen and flat hp quints. (I noticed the AD/no mana builds benifit more from more hp early game)
the HP regen seals could have been substituted with armor instead, but its up to you

for masteries, I would only do a 11/0/19, this isnt optimal for every champion, but it does do well with every champion. its all about cooldown reduction for me, cuz every champion can benifit from it, just not all will have a huge impact with it.

im sure you can figure out which will go with which. but thats basically how I started out, as you learn more of the game, you'll find better rune and masteries builds, but this should get you to a good starting position