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Automatic Level up

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Now that In dominion you level up so fast its get annoying that you have to click the + Button or press the hotkeys.. In hon you can set it so in options that it automatically levels up every level up. I love it and I would appreciate it now that in dominion you level up so much inside fights.

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If "hon" is a DotA style game (MOBA type), then it shouldn't be too difficult to implement such a system here. If it's more of a WoW or other MMORPG type of game, then it might be more difficult. I honestly haven't had much of an issue with it, as you can do it while you do something else w/o interupting yourself. The only issue I've had is that all decisions are final (so if you accidentally click on E rather than R you have to wait another level to get/improve the R - can't Esc/cancel the upgrade).