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[Challenge!] Item Lore - Leviathan

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After making a few item lores, I have decided that... I LIKE IT! So I'm gonna make start a item thread myself!

Also, if you feel that you can improve my story, or make a better one instead, then be my guest! For now, get a relaxing cup of coffee (or hot chocolate), sit down on your seat, relax, and read!~


The summoners looks at the turqoise coloured armour with unease. They can feel the terrible energy it gives out. "So... where did you get it exactly?," one of the lead summoners asked. "Ummm.... the police gave it to us after the murder of those Noxian nobles..... to ask us if we can find any clues from this armour left behind......"

"So you mean we have to judge it!?"


"Fine, let's just get this over with.... Does it even work on items?"

"I dunno"

"Use the proper words please!"

"Yes madam......"

And so, the summoners used magic on the item to see its past. The sands around the room of judgement started to move and take form, showing the history of this item.


The summoners was taken to the scene of the Noxian Noble school, where a teen was being laughed at by the others, "HA! You can't even use simple necromancy nor do well in any academic subjects. All you have is your parents money so don't think that you're all high and mighty. HAHAHAH!"

The teen ran away from them and towards his home (also the summoners did not need to move, the scenary just follows the boy)

"This is going to take a long time.....," the female summoner said as she summoned a chair and sat on it while the teen locked himself up in his room.

"Stinking "FRIENDS", they always laugh at me cause I have no talent, well I show them! Money can buy anything, including talents......," The teen said as he called his parents through the orb-i-phones. "What's wrong Darwin? Why the sudden call?," his dad answered.

"I want to buy something. Something that can make me stronger, smarter and better than anyone else!"

"Well... I have that "something"..... but I don't think you would want it. It is said it brings terrible misfortune"

"I DON'T CARE, I WANT IT NOW!," Darwin shouted his tantrum like a kid, and the father said, "Fine, go to the armory and open closet #23, and you'll find a turqoise armour, wear it and you'll become invincible. But be warned son, it have powers that no one knows, so do handle with care!"

"Thanks dad! Love you!," Darwin kissed goodbye as he hung up and hurries to get the armour.

Then the sands shifted and was changed to show a week have past, and that Darwin have became a model student. Getting perfect in everything while everyone looks up to him. His "friends" stayed in the corner and discussed, "What happened to him!? He became... so......"


"Yeah! I mean how in the world did he became that way!?"

"Well I have my spies on him-"

"Isn't that illegal?"

"Oh shut it, I'm rich so who cares? Anyway, my spies tells me that his dad gave him somekind of magical armour"

"That must be it! There's no other way Darwin can become this way"

"So...... wanna steal it?"

"2 words : Le, duh," Darwin's "friends" laughed as they planned for the big heist.

The sands shifted to another scene where Darwin is having a party at his house and everyone was invited. The "friends" requested Darwin to talk in private so Darwin lead them to his room.

"So.... Darwin, how did you get so....... perfect?"

"Well, through determination I guess"

"DON"T SC*** with me! I know you have some kind of magical armour, where is it!?"

"What!? How do you-"

"I have my sources, now where is it!?"

"I"LL NEVER TELL," Darwin said as he ran away from them while the "friends" chased him, but due to Darwin's "magical armour", he outran them. Darwin hid himself inside his washroom as he gasps for air, "... What should I do now......"

"....... Kill.... them....."

"Who-o saaa-id that!? Who's there!?," Darwin yelled in fear as he looks around to see no one.

"..... Kill.... them....," Again, the words echo in Darwin's mind. Then the magical armour pulsed in turqoise energy as it send the words to his mind, "..... Kill..... them...." Darwin thought about it. At first he felt hopeless since he's weak and all. Then the armour whispered the words, "I will make you strong.......," and Darwin smiled. He knows he can kill them.

So Darwin got out of the washroom and into the kitchen to get a knife when suddenly, his "friends" came out and said, "Looking for this?" They waved their knives in front of Darwin who did not waver at all. He smiled and said, "Ha, I can kill you with or without weapons!"

Then they got into the duel. The "friends" tried to stab Darwin while he punched back. Due to the armour, Darwin dodged all attempts while the "friends" were already coughing blood everywhere. "I can do this all day!," Darwin said in confidence as he punched more.

The "friends" jumped back in retaliation and one of them said, "You may be able to dodge knives... but how about guns!"

BANG, the loud noise of the gun sound can be heard everywhere while Darwin fell down to the floor. With a hole in his head.

"...... I...... I can't believe you did that......"

"Hey! It was either he kill us or we kill him!"

"But.... what do we do now.... we'll get locked up..."

"Oh don't be such p***ies, with this armour, we're invincible!," the leader of the "friends' said as he took the armour off the corpse and was about to wear it when one of them said, "How come you get to keep it?"

"Cause I killed him"

"..... So if I killed you... I can have it?"

"What are you-"

BANG, the gun noise silenced the leader and he also fell to the ground.

".... Well, now there's only you....," the person who shot the bullet said as he turns towards his other companion and shot.

BANG BANG, this time 2 gun sound can be heard and both people fell to the ground as well. On their hands, they held a gun. Showing that the last person also wanted to get the armour as well.

Then the scene slowly lost colour and shape, and became sand again.

"........ So... I guess we solved the mystery....," one of the summoners said as he got up and was ready to report the case to the police.

"Wait, I think this item have potential..."

"Potential!? Are you crazy!? This weapon killed all 4 of them!"

"It's not like we're gonna use the real one dummy, I mean make replicas of it. This armour does have strong magic"

"But.... it's evil...."

"Like most of our weapons? Psh, just get over it."

".... Then what should we call it....?"

"...... We'll name it...... Leviathan, the demon of envy"


"You're really dumb aren't you?," the female summoner said as she handled the armour with care and walked away to meet the councils. While the novice summoner kept asking why she call it Leviathan.

To this day, at the deepest part of the league vault, the armour still pulsed in turqoise energy as it whispers, "Wear me, and I shall grant you great power........"


The end!~ I hope y'all could make the story even better. Or make a new story. Anything is welcomed and you can even give critism! But for now, I shall bid you goodbye!~

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... wow so no one wants to challenge it... I'm sad ><

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That's because it's so awesome as is.