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I cant play this **** anymore

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Senior Member


Still cant win a single match. As stated before I havent played TT in ages except recently.

WE have all our towers

enemy has inhibs, nexus tower and nexus

we're early teens, Im mundo, we got a GP and a miss fortune

me and MF dominated bot raping poppy and blitz,got fed I had a sunflare cloak and warmogs along with mercs.

enemy teams vayne does a few well placed ganks, takes out our outer and inner turrets and top inhib.

Another gank by vayne, she wrecks the nexus and we lose.

I cannot take a game mode in which we are winning so hard, about to finish them off and then they somehow rape us. We clearly were the better players, better item and team comp, and yet they can beat us with a fed vayne backdooring us.

WHAT KIND OF BULL**** IS THAT. Im done with TT, you guys can have your uncompetitive non-fun game mode in which only carries and assassins can win.

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John Madden



You didn't lose because of the map. You fed a Vayne, let her backdoor you when you were winning and have GP's ultimate as a map-wide fortify. And you couldn't finish off a Poppy and a Blitz defending their nexus despite your team being fed with THREE AD heroes plus GP's steroid and MF's range to take out turrets...

Although it's a nice change of pace that someone is complaining about carries being OP on TT.

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Lol your complaining about a vayne? Try having a 2v3 w/ a twitch on r
The other side

We almost won