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Kassadin Lore! (critique please?)

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I was bored and love Kassadin and his lore, so this is my take on it, I know there are variations, and it's no masterpiece. Critique is welcome, or feedback. I know its a tldr maybe, but if its interesting enough, maybe it won't be. Apologies for the poor formatting.

"You would challenge the void itself?"
He bared his long knife in answer. The Blade immediately shattered under the pressure of nothing. Pain ensnared him, and he challenged it, defied its embrace.

That only made the pain stronger. He cried out in silence.

He felt bones disintegrate, frozen laughter burst his veins and pierced his lungs. This would be a slow death, forgotten, none to remember, all to die. His screams echoed back through him.

But there is power in nothing, for even the void is something in and of itself. Salted blood upon his tongue, body broken, he opened all pathways into himself. His spirit embraced the void.

What was nothing became substance, greedy to find form in the confines of his body. The void coursed through, rebuilding what was lost. Crushing weakness, building strength. When it nestled into his body, he turned upon it, mastering all within. His bleeding eyes burned away as water touched by sunburst. Most would call what he then saw horrors unimaginable. To him they were nothing.

A blade materialized, a part of him that he felt without seeing. Conjured of the void, and tempered by his will, it glowed against the confines of the black city. It was nigh time to leave. Grotesque and monstrous creatures loomed over him, both form and formless. The beasts thrived in nonexistence, to be sure, but their need to escape was paramount.

He was their only obstacle.

His blade plunged into the nearest creature, a hulking brute with a thousand eyes. Kassadin put him at about one hundred less. His further slashes went through feelers and fur, scales and oilskin. On and on they came, a horde massed at the gates. Only so many could break through at once.

One latched onto Kassadin's shoulder, sheaving through him with razor fangs, another pierced through his arm with a frightful pincer. Another creature seized this opportunity, eagerly leaping upon Kassadin's blade. The beast croaked as it died, but its bite held firmly, so large was it that Kassadin could scarce move his blade arm.

Out of the darkness came a true horror, a beast with emerald eyes, black-red skin. The others backed away as it approached. All except the three who held Kassadin as he struggled against them, blood of the void flowing freely from his wounds. He had tried, he had searched across the world, and found horrors that no man should live to tell tales of. So be it, fate was harsh, and he had tempted it too far. The lord of void-creatures prepared to devour his meal, his gaze commanding the underlings too keep Kassadin still.

He had come so far though, and who but he would protect the land? The summoners perhaps, but if these creatures escaped their home and prison, not even summoning power would be enough to halt their advance.

The massive beast's jaws descended, but it was halted, Kassadin's gaze meeting it head on. Ignoring pain, he summoned willpower from all his memories of humanity. Once they came he knew they would be gone forever. Childhood, family, all this he pulled forth for this confrontation.

The void consumed him, and he ripped forth from it, tearing open the beasts latched onto him into ragged pieces. He shook off the severed heads and teeth from his body in one swift motion. The void lord screeched in anger, spitting out the underling he had devoured in place of Kassadin.

Another day. He thought. I must destroy this lord of the void. For now, living to warn Valoran would suffice. He hovered his blade inches from his neck and drew a mocking cutthroat.

"Try that again!"

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Thunderstruck OP



sounds like a painful and unsatisfying loss of virginity. But I like your choice of vocabs and phrases. Well done overall! Wish I had your imagination :P

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Senior Member


Good stuff. It feels a bit oddly paced, but it's interesting enough to be forgiven. Kassadin's fumbling with his new powers seems a bit clumsy, though. I don't know if you're trying to be sneaky about it or if you're trying to explain his thoughts on the matter or what.

I dunno, it feels like you're trying to be more vague than you have to be, which hurts it a bit. Still good stuff, all the same though.

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Thanks, some fleshing out might improve the pace a bit. I was just trying to think of ways Kassadin's abilities could be represented, and what would be required to use them. Riot gives precious little detail on exactly why certain characters have abilities.

I guess that's due to the divide between gameplay and story. I admit Riot does well creating a convincing enough world from such a gameplay/mechanics focused game.

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Warmth of Winter



Your writing is most poetic, this is pleasing. If you decide to further this venture, I will follow along.