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[Guide] Olaf the Berserker/Technoviking

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Hello all, this is my first written guide for a champion and I hope it provides you with some useful information about Olaf the Berserker and/or Technoviking. As with anyone else who writes guides for champions who are recently released, I have only been playing Olaf since he was available. The idea behind this guide is to provide a relatively basic overview on how to play Olaf, and also provides information about the items, runes, and masteries I find to suit him the best.

1a.) Item Build

- Doran's Shield
- Boots of Swiftness/Mercury Treads (only in extreme cases of CC)
- Frozen Mallet
- Youmuu's Ghostblade

(Most games end after Youmuu's)
- Atma's Impaler
- *Elixir of Fortitude

* Elixir of Fortitude essentially adds 42.4 damage while you have both Atma's Impaler and Vicious Strikes active at level 18, as opposed to the 28 damage without an Atma's Impaler and Vicious Strikes buff. Even without Atma's Impaler, it is a useful item to buy/consume and by using it with this build, it will provide you with nearly 3.7k health endgame.

1b.) Item Building Order

1. Doran's Shield
2. Basic Boots
3. Phage
4. Basic Boots -> Boots of Swiftness/Mercury Treads
5. Avarice Blade
6. Phage -> Frozen Mallet
7. Avarice Blade -> Youmuu's Ghostblade
8. Atma's Impaler
9. Elixir of Fortitude

2.) The Skills

Passive - Berzerker Rage: Every 1% of health you are missing provides an additional 1% of an attack speed increase.

Q - Undertow: A ranged skill shot that scales on both flat magic damage and a percentage of your attack damage. When the axe hits the ground, you are able to see a portion of the map for a short amount of time.

W - Vicious Strikes: A self buff that provides increased damage scaling off a flat amount and an increasing percentage of your health. It also provides an increasing amount of lifesteal and spell vamp.

E - Reckless Swing: A skill that deals "true" damage to the opponent and a small amount to yourself.

R - Ragnarok: A self buff that has a passive and active effect. It passively increases your armor penetration and when actively used, it makes you immune to all disables and provides a flat increasing amount of damage reduction.

3.) The Masteries


I put points into offense to grab the armor pen and attack speed bonuses, enough points in defense for veteran's scars and the cleanse mastery, and one point into improved ghost in the utility tree. I am also a big fan of Strength of Spirit, even on champs that do not have a large mana pool. I find it a useful mastery to help you stay in lane longer because of your increased health regeneration. If you don't like it, just put points into somewhere that you find they will be more effective.

4.) The Runes

- Marks: Armor Penetration
- Seals: Health/Level or Dodge (I use Health/Level because those are the only seals I currently own)
- Glyphs: Mana Regen/Level (I possibly will switch these out for something else, but as of right now, they work very well)
- Quintessences: Flat Health

5.) The Summoner Spells

- Cleanse
- Ghost

No "buts" about it. While Olaf is able to attack quickly due to his passive and base attack speed, he moves quite slowly for a berserker. Even with Boots of Swiftness, his movement speed is only 410. By using Ghost in combination with Youmuu's Ghostblade, will be able to either chase or escape effectively.

Cleanse is absolutely necessary due to my focus on buying boots of speed. Having both cleanse and Ragnarok available, you will have a much greater chance of surviving ganks, cleaning up after teamfights, or chasing down that ashe that keeps snaring you. Even against a CC heavy team and buying mercury treads, Cleanse will continue to be a lifesaver at any stage during the game.

6.) Skill Leveling Order

Level 1 - Q
Level 2 - W
Level 3 - E
Level 4 - E/W*
Level 5 - E/Q*
Level 6 - R
Level 7 and further - add points to whatever you feel is best. If there is an armor stacking tank, add more into Reckless Swing. If your team has little snaring ability, add more into Undertow. Adapt the skills to the needs of your team and what the opposing team's composition.

* If you are being pushed back to your turret or being pressured, consider upgrading Vicious Strikes and Undertow. By utilizing the inherent lifesteal/spell vamp, you can regenerate your health at a greater rate instead of relying solely on your health regen.

7.) Basic Game Strategy

- Early Game

Start with Doran's Shield and one Health Potion, then head to your lane. In nearly all cases, start with Undertow. Because of Undertow's ability to "see" where your axe lands, it becomes an effective way to check the brush without having to have your face smashed in.

After level 3, I have 2 skill building options:

Option A.) If my lane is doing particularly well, I prefer putting additional points into Reckless Swing after putting a single point in both Undertow and Vicious Strike. I do this because of the fact that at rank 3, Reckless Swing will hit for 220 damage to an enemy. Being able to have an attack that is considerably stronger than your 70-80 damage autoattack.

Option B.) If my lane is being outpushed, I begin putting more points into Vicious Strikes and Undertow. Try to use the lifesteal/spell vamp to gain the upperhand by stealing back health from your abilities and attacks.

As Olaf, it is very important to try and conserve mana as much as possible. Don't be afraid of the occasional Undertow toss to harass or check brush, but don't be using it so often that when the opportunity to seal a kill happens, you don't have enough mana for Vicious Strikes or a Reckless Swing.

- Midgame

Ideally, you should have Doran's Shield, Phage, Boots of Swiftness, and an Avarice Blade completed. If you have gotten a few kills or have farmed a ridiculous amount of minions, upgrade your Phage -> Frozen Mallet.

Team battles should be starting and ganks should be happening left and right. A word of advice for team battles: stick with your team. It seems obvious, but I can't tell you how many times I've seen players try and solo push a lane when its apparent that they should stick with the team and not get ganked (I am aware that sometimes its necessary to solo push a lane, but only when you know you will either not be ganked or can escape any possiblity of being ganked).

When the battle occurs due to one team or the other intiating, you should go in, pop Vicious Strikes and Ragnarok, smack the champ being focused on (Please do NOT attack the enemy tank/sturdy champ), use a Reckless Swing or two if you have mana to spare, and Undertow anyone who is trying to escape from the carnage you are bound to cause.

After the victory of a team battle happens, do a hard push in the lane you're in or the one closest to you. If you have lost a team battle, defend until you/the rest of your team comes back up and try something different.

- Endgame

Your item build should be complete or close to it, and the deciding factors of the game will be played out at this point in the game. Proceed with team battles and/or ganks like usual while trying to gain the most map dominance through wards, constant roaming as a team or skills that can act as wards (Heimerdinger's turrets, Shaco's Jack in the Boxes, Teemo's mushrooms, etc.).

By now you should be a champion to be feared in team fights. If left unchecked, you can easily wipe out the squishier members of the opposing team. Because of this fact, the importance of crowd control and proper initiation are put to the test. Without a tank to take the focus off you, you won't be able to deal noticeable damage in a battle.

One thing to note is that should your team win a team battle and your health has gotten low, you can use your passive to your advantage and help down a tower that much quicker than if you were to be healed back to full or had gone back to base (don't be stupid and think you're invincible, just be aware of how many are up on the enemy team and whether or not they are a threat to you).

8.) *Ideal Lanemates

- Soraka: Free mana and heals will allow you to have a much easier early game. Allows you to farm minions like its no one's business.

- Kayle: Incredibly strong combo. Move speed buff, heal, snare, and an ult that allows you to tear stuff up while at low health thanks to your passive.

- Ashe: When Ashe isn't forced to go mid, this is more aggressive combo thanks to Ashe's snares and offensive ability.

* There are many other possible combos that can work well, Its just that I have found that these 3 champs allow Olaf to gain more of an early game presence which then leads to late game dominance. Ideally, you want to be laning with a champion that has good snaring abilities or a champion that can "babysit" you until you build your items and gain levels.

9.) Closing Thoughts

The item build, masteries, and runes are only what I find the most effective in my playstyle of Olaf and I'm sure that there are many other ways to build him. Olaf is a fun champion to play if you enjoy "sturdy" melees who can dish out damage while taking it, or if you like to pretend you are a technoviking who loves raves. I would appreciate any constructive comments on the item build, masteries, rune setup, or even how to improve the format of this guide.

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Senior Member


First of all I must say this is a very good guide from what I'm reading. ( I haven't tested since I don't own Olaf. ) But one thing I must ask is how you feel about Kayle, since she ends up being sort of useless in my opinion late game, or I haven't really seen one that does anything but support the whole game when, truthfully a stun partner may work just as good.

Such as sion or Allister. No disrespect to you or your thoughts I just wish to know what you would think about the team compositions late game with Kayle.

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The new Kayle is really, really good, and provides solid healing (with an impressive movespeed buff), damage, and a pretty awesome ult.

Good guide, though!

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Murder Turtle



Olaf and Kayle work wonders together. Her heal/run speed buff makes olaf a serious threat early game when your laning. The snare with speed boost on olaf makes it easy to run down people and a almost dead olaf with vicious strikes and kayle ult on is a thing of beauty.

Another great enabler for Olaf is Janna. The damage shield plus damage bonus along with 2 snares makes for a woeful day for the enemy lane mates. Just when they think they got olaf, janna pops her ult knocking them away long enough for olaf to reheal back to danger levels and commence the curb stomping again.

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As I mentioned in the guide, there are many champions that complement well with Olaf. The reason I don't list other specifics, is because I haven't had a chance to do too many premades that will allow me to provide better information.

@ Eria Sol - I find that the updated Kayle now has a stronger presence in a 5v5 team. Her heals are more effective, the speed buff it provides is better, and the damage she is capable of doing with Reckoning & Righteous Fury is nothing to laugh at. Although her ult is on a longer cooldown than before, the ability to make someone invulnerable for any amount of time can be very useful, in some cases game-changing.

@ Veraticus - Thanks!

@ Pappy GoD - I'm glad someone else sees how great a Kayle & Olaf laning combo can be. I'll also need to try out Janna & Olaf, as that sounds like another excellent combo.

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Senior Member


Olaf? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwsntHcWiy4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwsntHcWiy4)

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Senior Member



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Seyna Akare



A really good guide, some would even say the best.

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Erebus Hestia

Junior Member


Good talk good talk.

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Senior Member


I think are better things than merc and cleanse for olaf but is a really good guide though.