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[SKIN] Darth Kassadin, with image.

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DMG is overated

Junior Member


Kassadin is one of the epicest skinned champions.
Why not make it even more epic with a Darth Vader themed skin?

I saw this idea in an old post, and i dont intend to rob his idea so i put a link to the post in the end.

-------------------------------Why Darth Kassadin?-------------------------
1- There are no Star wars themed skins on LOL, one if you count chosen yi, and as it is an classic franchise it would make a lot of succes

among summoners.
2- Kassadin is the perfect champion for a Darth Vader skin, he haves an armor that helps him breathe, uses an void ethereal sword, and uses

the force pulse!!!
3- The cost of getting a permission to make this skin would easily be matched by the sales of this skin, as its obvious that a lot of kassadin

players would buy it(i know myself and my friends would).

Thats the reasons i can think of, tell me in the comments if any of you guys came up with something else.

-------------------------------The skin--------------------------------------------

The post i mentioned earlyer haves the skin that is perfect for this. It was made by the user graff pirate (the link to it is in the other post too) and

is matches the epic with the doable.

Here it is:


(the thumbnail is on the end of the post)

------------------------------Voice quotes-----------------------------

- Togheter, we will rule the galaxy, summoner!
- Leave them to me!
- What is thy bidding, summoner?
- As you wish.
- Dont fail me again, sumonner.
- Impressive, most impressive!
- The void is with me!
- You dont know the power of the void!
- I find your lack of faith in the void disturbing...
- Yordles remind me of ewoks. And i hate ewoks...
- The force is... wait, wrong place. Nevermind.

Again, tell me in the coments if you think of any new one.

---------------------Skill effects-------------------------------------------

They would be pretty much the same, the purple effects match the dark side.

------------------Thats it!------------------------------------------

So thats it!
Tell me what you think of the idea in the coments!

If this post get positive feedback, i will make an oficial petition to Riot.

By the way, how do i do that? I really dont know how to make an oficial petition, not even if its possible.

---------------For the people that have alreayd posted something similar to this-----------

My idea is not robbing your's, i just saw the post that talked about this skin and i tought about reviving its idea, BUT, if you guys want me to

delete this post i will do.

Link to the post where i got the idea:

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Junior Member


excellent skin id definately buy it but... riot denies everything on this forum. Im friends with Phreak so ill be sure to show him this(bookmarks)

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DMG is overated

Junior Member


Sweet! Thank you for the feedback!

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Senior Member


i love this!

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Bigg Fuddgee

Senior Member


did anyone notice the picture is upside down?