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How to Jungle TT?

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I Jungle on my 3s team.

Jungling is a huge advantage in treeline. I can't remember the last time that we lost to a team that didn't also have a jungler.

That being said, jungling on treeline is a bit different then on SR. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are not too dependent on blue buff (there is no blue buff on TT).

Secondly, you need to make sure that your jungle is resilient and flexible for it to not matter too much which camp spawns first (your first camp won't always give you lvl2).

And lastly, the earlier you can gank effectively, the better. It is not uncommon for me to take bear stance as Udyr at lvl2 in order to be able to gank sooner.

These are just a few things that I have learned jungling on treeline. The best advice I have to those of you who want to learn how to jungle on treeline is: experiment.
Play around with routes, items, masteries, runes, etc. Jungleing vs an Udyr, a Shaco or no jungler at all are all very different experiences, and the same route/build wont always be the best.

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do it for bieber

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I hit gold both last season and this current season by jungling almost every game. Watching Boo is probably the best way to learn how the jungle should flow with the lanes, let alone treeline in general.

When I jungle I start wraiths with a small leash and not using smite, then rush big wolf, smite that and rush the health relic in the middle. If I am stronger than their jungler I invade, or try and set up a gank right away if that's possible. If there aren't many options I return to finish wolves and then possibly golems if there still aren't many opportunities.

If you are a passive jungler and your lanes are getting shoved in, hang around wolves, and golem as that gives your team vision if the enemy jungler is coming in for a gank. You always want to be ready for a counter gank or to counter an all in by an enemy laner and staying around wolves gives you the best chance for that.

However if your lanes are shoving, you'll want to start hanging around the middle of the map and towards the enemy jungle. That's how you gain control. Watch how your lanes move, and move with them. If they are shoving, move with them and if the enemy jungler tries to fight you, your team is more readily available to help you than the enemy team is. If you want to keep a strangle hold on them, almost right from grabbing health relic at level 2, you will want to own the enemy jungle and have your lanes constantly shoving. This gives you map control, and level advantages. You can frequently get towers at like 5 minutes if you force people out of the jungle or lane enough.

The biggest thing in jungling is take control of the map. Make the enemy scared to leave towers or take a camp past wraiths. Playing reactively in 3's will not get you very far if you jungle. Set the game to your pace, and force people to fight poor fights. Ex, I like to use alters to force fights I know we can win as opposed to actually wanting the alter. Winning that fight then opens you up to towers and more. If you want a run through of the jungle feel free to add me. I'm only gold, but I like helping people and seeing people play 3's.

But seriously, just watch Boo.

Edit: Pick junglers who fit your team comp well, as opposed to just good junglers. I often jungle Lee Sin, Jarvan, Riven, Shyvana or even Jax or Olaf.

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Jungle is op in 3v3.

AD top
Tanky CC Jungle

Mobs have a 0:50 sec respawn
Spider spawns at 10:00 with a 5 min respawn.
Gank Gank Gank is the name of the game.
Build tanky for jungle too.
Just my opinion...

You can find way more info here

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There are a couple of routes you can do, depending on what you plan on doing after clearing your camps. My 2nd favorite route starts are wraiths.

Remember to bring smite fir jungle, This will allow you to take enemy big monsters with ease and leave the small ones, and will also allow you to secure vile

Have your bottom laner throw a skill at wraiths then leave. You finish off wraiths and go straight to wolves. Smite big wolf, then make your way to the center speed buff. Collect it and you have 4 choices from here.
1: keep going to circle around bot lane and gank
2: keep going, circle around top and gank
3: keep going, take enemy wolves
4: head back to your golems and take them

By this time, with smite, assuming you went back to golems, you have about 30 seconds until altars

My 1st favorite path (more passive path, fastest clear, more gank time)
Start wolves, don't worry about a leash. Smite big wolf.
Next camp is wraiths, kill them off
Head up to golems, smite should be back up. Smite big golem
now you have around 45 seconds until altars unlock, you can do what ever in this time, recall, gank, push lane, ect.

If you do this correctly and your team mates don't push their lanes then take your jungle, everyone should stay nice and even. And if the enemy team isn't jungling, with a champ like zac you can get ahead of everyone, leaving the enemies very under leveled