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TT Global buff?

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kavinh the third

Senior Member


actually the problem with TT is that squishies are too weak so giving passive pen is gonna help those first picks like tynr and jax more then squishies. i think they should give increased bonus armor and MR to champions near their turrets.

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Senior Member


Making it not 3v3 would balance it.

Seriously, Tanky DPS dominate far too well on the map BECAUSE the map biggest fights are skirmishes relative to Summoner's Rift fights.

I would love a 5v5 map with a potential 3v3 lane. The new possibilities are so numerous!

Two support, 1 Carry? Soraka + Sona + Trist?
Two tanks, 1 carry? Alistar + Singed + Kog?
3 Carries? - Vayne + Cait + Ashe?
3 Nuke casters? Annie + Anivia + Xerath? Fire! Ice! Lightninnnnnng!!
1 tank, 1 nuke, 1 carry? Leona + Akali + Caitlyn - a deadly combo

*cough* no