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Dr Mundo - The Madman of Zuan

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Ravage Savage

Senior Member


I play a lot of Mundo because he is one of the few heroes that is durable enough to handle my aggressive play preference.

Most of the guides/players I see always put burning agony as the lowest priority. This is a big mistake but completely understandable because leveling it up too fast turns you into a glass house for awhile.

Skill order I do is:


I typically take flash/teleport, flash for obvious reasons and teleport to switch lanes without ever taking the pressure off mid game.

First item is always regrowth, this lets you farm faster with your agony to quickly finish warmogs. I know a lot of people have an issue delaying movement speed until after warmogs but the speed really does very little if you don't have the beef to be aggressive with it. When the opportunity is there cleave is usually more then enough to chase anyone down, if you can't aim cleave 95% of the time you need to practice aiming. For escaping ganks a cleave/flash is usually enough if you have good map awareness.

For boots, Ninja Tabi is my preference. Swiftness is overkill if you can land most your cleaves. Besides the dodge + defensive mastery dodge buffs greatly adds to your survivability which is what you need to run with agony early on.

At this point you need to be constantly farming/ganking/pushing to max out warmogs. There is really no reason you should need to blue pill. Use your ult as much as you can and be as aggressive as you can.

This is as effective as you will be the entire game so constantly running off to jungle or blue piling is a complete waste, you need to be close to the enemy towers at all times slowing grinding them down. Your team will see this and come to back you up, at least any competent team will without having to be asked. Always be the last one to back up even if it means you die, you can make up for it much faster then most heroes and we don't want your team to resent backing you up (for solo que anyway).

It doesn't really matter what items you get after this as your effectiveness is dropping with time regardless but I like a fire cape or guardian if I die (again, no blue piling!). Many times I'll end the game with 2 items and 4 or 5k gold because I refuse to take the pressure off and don't die.

Early game is the toughest and where most of your deaths will come, constantly be moving to set up cleave and even if they are able to dodge it you are forcing them to react to you messing up their farming while landing some finals for yourself. At levels 2-3 with flash you can set up a first blood in most situations.

I've tried many different strategies with mundo and nothing compares to this in my opinion.

Obviously if your enemy is 5 man roaming early you should be more defensive but never let them prevent you from putting pressure on somewhere else, if they are then the problem is likely a lack of team coordination and completely separate.

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i have some questions abaut Mundo's user!

i need to know your tested Tree Ability with exactly spent points and why/where u spent it

olso i didnt uderstand if Mundo is Ap or mele based so all say use Penetration but have to use Magic pen or psy pen?

sry for my bad english

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perhaps starting with boots of speed wouldnt be better?

1) Boots of speed + hp potion ( it costs less than pendant, giving u more potions, being able to stay in field until lvl 6 so u can get sadism and u no longer need potions)
2) boots of swiftness from boots of speed(great for chasing or running away)
3) warmogs
4) atama
5) ice mallet
6) Soul Shroud or zeal---then--->phantom dancer

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They Call Me Tim

Junior Member


Dr. Mundo is one of my favorite characters. With high health and Sadism, you're pretty much a pressure machine. I like to Burning Agony at around level 5 as well though, and in late game I use it to improve my Masochism if I'm back dooring an enemy base while my team is distracted elsewhere.

Personally, I have found nothing more satisfying than wailing away on the enemy nexus with Burning Agony on and just watching the minions DROP!

My biggest advice for Mundo players is to know your surroundings. Know when you need to chase down the fleeing Champion, when to bring your minions with you, and when to disengage.

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Senior Member



You necro'd a thread about the second worst build possible for Mundo? (Atleast it isn't MPen and AP)


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Junior Member


any1 can say me, what the type of damage he give when throw axe?(magic or phisical)